Tips for Pokemon Go: Hacking Pokemon?

Being a Pokémon trainer is not a simple task but nevertheless we are going to give you a series of tricks and tips that will make your life in the video game much easier. Is it possible to hack Pokemon Go? Let’s see it.

Before you start talking about all these tricks, it is important that you know that They are completely legal. Niantic, the developer of the game is banging many cheats, is what he wants to hack the game.

If you do not know what a ban is, basically it is that you are denied access to the game or some of its functions are restricted, such as radar removal or also the appearance of some Pokémon. These punishments are for the cheats, for those who help themselves with practices outside the game to improve their progress within it.

So you don’t worry, everything we are going to explain here is legal and you can do it without any problem.

In fact, some of them are small tips to help you level up faster or to take better advantage of your Pokémon while others, directly are small Easter eggs, additional content that the company has introduced into the game for those who are the most adventurous and try to unlock all game content. Now get ready, to become a true Pokémon master with these tricks.

😃 Start the game with Pikachu

If you have watched the television series or even played the classic Yellow Pokémon of Game Boy, you will know that the protagonist of it, Ash, began his Pokémon adventure with Pikachu.

Many of the players start in Pokémon Go with the intention of simulating Ash’s footsteps in the world of Pokémon and from the beginning they would like to have Pikachu on their side although it seems that this is not possible from the beginning … or if ?

As soon as you start the game and take the first steps, the three initial Pokémon, Charmander, Bulbasur and Squirtle will appear before you. Although these are good initial options, we have good news for you, it is possible to start with Pikachu. In order to start with this powerful electric Pokémon, simply when you get these three initial Pokémon to capture, pass them and go your way. Usually, when in Pokémon Go we move away from a Pokémon, it disappears from our map and we cannot catch it again. However, with respect to these three initial Pokémon, once they disappear, they will come out again within a few steps. When they reappear again, we will continue our path once again without interacting with them, as if we were not interested, as if they had never been there.

They will continue to appear in our way later up to four more times but nevertheless, when we pass them for the last time, the next Pokémon that will appear to us, will be nothing more and nothing less than Pikachu! This is your chance to capture the friendly electric rodent and make it the first of your Pokémon.

pokemon go hack

☝️ How to level up faster? Can this be considered as “hacking Pokemon Go”?

Now that you have Pikachu on your side, we are sure you want to level up quickly. Pokémon Go is a very demanding game and as we level up, it will cost us more and more to continue raising levels because the curve of them is constantly increasing.

Each time we level up, we will have some juicy rewards that will be waiting for us as incubators, objects and more powerful new balls. Obviously, leveling up will allow us to have access to new Pokémon since some will be stronger and it will cost us more to capture them, in addition to being able to participate in such interesting raids or carry out the Pokémon exchange.

If you are new to the game and have seen that a lot of players have a very high level and gyms still seem a bit inaccessible, do not worry because there are formulas to level up faster, let’s see how.

🎱 Use the curved ball

When throwing a ball to catch the Pokémon, it is best to use the technique of the curved ball. We recommend that from the beginning you train your launch since with this curved ball, you will not only have more chances to catch a Pokémon, but you will also gain experience points for having made the launch. In addition to this curved ball, depending on the type of throw you make, that is, depending on the size of the circle in the Pokémon, you can gain more or less experience points.

The trick is to try to hit the ball in the middle of the circle and the smaller it is, the better the throw will be, the more points it will give us and also the more chances we will have to catch the Pokémon. In this way, to carry out a good launch, we can assume a good amount of experience points in addition to facilitating the task of capturing the Pokémon.

🤙 Don’t look down on Pidgey


When you’ve been playing Pokémon Go for a while, you’re probably looking forward to discovering new Pokémon and feeling a little desperate to see so much Pidgey on the road. However, these Pidgey can be very useful for you to quickly level up in the game, let’s see how.

Every time we catch a Pokémon, regardless of the Pokémon, we will gain experience. In this way it does not matter that we catch a simple Pidgey or a powerful Magmar, the result of experience will be the same. However, when we evolve a Pokémon, we also get a good amount of experience points, in fact, many more experience points are obtained by evolving than by capturing.

To evolve a Pokémon, as you know, you need to have many candies of its kind and these candies are achieved by capturing the same type of Pokémon. Just like capturing a Pidgey and a Magmar, it gives us the same type of experience, evolving to a Pidgey or a Charmander, it would also give us the same type of experience, however, the main difference lies in the amount of candy It requires both.

Pidgey is one of the Pokémon in the game that needs less candy to evolve, along with Weedle, Caterpie, each of them needing 12 candies. The accounts are clear, for every four Pidgey we capture, by obtaining 3 candies from each capture, we can make an evolution. Therefore, capturing many Pidgeys will allow us to evolve many Pokémon and get a good amount of experience. Anyway, the trick does not end here, because it can be better.

👌 Take advantage of objects

One of the objects we have available in the game is called the lucky egg. By using this lucky egg, we will double the experience we get for half an hour. This experience does not matter where it comes from, whether it is to capture Pokémon, raids or evolve them. It is in this last aspect that we have to stop.

As we have explained before, the Pidgey is a fairly common Pokémon, which we will find in many places of the game and we will be able to accumulate a lot of them in a simple way. The trick is basically to accumulate a large number of candies and Pidgey, so that when we have gathered a large amount, we activate a lucky egg and get ready to evolve each and every one of them.

In this way, we will be doubling the experience that we will get with the evolutions while the lucky egg is active, so it is a very good way to get a great boost of experience thanks to these evolutions along with the lucky egg. The key to being able to take advantage of this trick, is to accumulate a large number of Pidgeys so that we are constantly evolving during the half hour that the egg lasts, to make the most of the time. If we run out of Pidgeys to evolve within 10 minutes, we will have gained a great deal of experience but we will not have been able to take full advantage of all that the egg would allow us.

💪 Pokestop are also important in Pokemon Go

Another way to gain a good amount of experience is by visiting the Pokeparadas. By spinning a Pokeparada, we will gain 50 experience that will become 100 if we have the egg activated. In this way, if we know a route that has many Pokeparadas in a row, it is also a good opportunity to gain additional experience points while enjoying a ride.


👍 How to evolve your Evee to Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon, Umbreon and Espeon

Not everything in Pokemon Go is accumulating experience. When it comes to capturing Pokemon, Evee’s evolutions are among the most complicated. This is because when we evolve an Evee, we will get a random evolution of it. This can be frustrating if for example we want a Vaporeon and we get a Flaeron in evolution, however do not worry, because with this little trick, you will be able to evolve your Evee to the Pokémon you want.

To achieve this, you will simply have to rename your Evee before carrying out the evolution. If for example you want to get Vaporeon, you must change the name of your Evee to Rainer. If instead you want a Jolteon, your Evee must be called Sparky. If you want a Flaeron, the name must be Pyro, if you want a Espeon you will have to call it Sakura and finally if you want a Umbreon, you will have to call it Tamao.

This is a small nod to the fans of the series since the name you entered is the name of one of the trainers that these Pokémon have in the television series. Once you have evolved your Evee, you can change the name without problems to the one you want, keeping the original or the one you like.

It is important that you know that this can only be done once for each type of Pokémon, that is, for example, Rainer’s name will only work once, so for many more times you call future Evee Rainer, You will not get Vaporeon anymore so think well that Evee will evolve as Pokémon you want.

🔥 A more powerful Charmaleon

As with the trick of Evee, if we call Zippo our Charmander and evolve it, we will get a more powerful Charmaleon since it will have two of the most powerful fire-type attacks of the game such as Embers and Flamethrowers. As with the Evee, this only works with the first Charmander that we evolve, we will not be able to get an entire army of these Charmander, so we will have to get the rest hand in hand, with a little luck.

🤔 Know the evolution of Tyrogue

Although unlike with the Evee, we cannot choose the evolution that our Tyorgue will have, we can know in advance the evolution that it will have if we do. In this way, if we are not interested in the resulting Pokémon, we can save a good amount of candies when it comes to evolving it.

To know the evolution it will have, we will have to ask our gym teacher for help and ask about the characteristics of our Tyrogue. As always, he will tell us what is his best feature and depending on this, this will be the evolution he will have.

In this way, if its strongest characteristic is the Resistance, it will evolve to Hitmontop. If it is the Attack, it will evolve to Hitmonlee while if it is the defense, the evolution will be to Hitmonchan. If on the contrary all the characteristics are tied, the evolution will be random.

We hope that all these tricks have been useful and will help you to better use your time inside Pokémon Go and you can get a good amount of different Pokémon. Enjoy playing, always monitor your surroundings, avoid using programs to hack Pokemon and, above all, play fair, nobody likes cheats. Get all!

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