Half a million dollars for one of the most famous memes on the internet

The popular meme of the smiling girl, while in the background a house is on fire, already has an owner. Someone paid half a million dollars to become Original picture owner in a new series of NFT transactions, intangibles that there are those who pay for as we see large amounts of money.

NFTs (Non Fungible Token) are intangible assets that allow you to capture the original file of a video, song, picture, animated GIF …

Zoë Roth, currently a student at a university in North Carolina, is the girl in this matter Meme known as “Disaster Girl”, one of the most popular internet memes of all time.

The photo was taken on the morning of a Saturday in 2005 when Roth was four years old and saw a fire with his family that occurred in the neighborhood of the city of Mebana, North Carolina. The firefighters were in control of the fire, so there was a certain relaxation. It was then that Zoe’s mother asked the girl to smile and took the famous photo she submitted for a competition in 2007.

From there, the rest of the internet meme history is. In fact, there are innumerable variations that have circulated through the networks of this photography over the years, adding various catastrophic situations in the background such as the sinking of the Titanic or another scene.

Now Roth can put on the same smile after paying $ 495,000 for it. The auction took place online on April 17th and a user identified as @ 3FMusic won the bid.

The Roth family receives in addition to this amount 10% of future income obtained on the meme in the concept of copyright for the image. As he pointed out, he will use the money to repay his student loans and donate the rest to charities.

The NFT phenomenon has gained particular prominence in recent months with various works of art and digital content reaching stratospheric prices in sales and auctions. Check out this video for more information on NFTs:

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