Hating math is perfectly scientific

Hate math It is a classic that every year we listen to our children, and also to our elders. Well, although it seems surprising, it is nothing strange, since science confirms that it is perfectly normal to dislike this matter. Let's see the reason.

The truth is that, although many consider that mathematics only works for people of great intelligence, it is a science that we use daily in our lives. Every time you pay or buy, you are using them, because you have to know if you buy two steaks, three milk bricks or your account is returned in a bar or supermarket.

However, when we begin to complicate mathematical operations, this almost visceral hatred of a subject as necessary in the world as reviled by students and by all kinds of people appears.

Why is it a scientist to hate mathematics?

Every time we face a subject that we don't master, our body generates stress and anxiety. And precisely therein lies that hatred of mathematics. It's not that we're not smart enough, we just don't have enough knowledge to solve the problems, and that generation of negative emotions It causes us to lead to a feeling of hate.

So at least he says so Karen Newtead, who has published his study Aspects of Children’s Mathematics Anxiety after years of work from his position in the Mathematics Education Unit of the University of Stellenbosch.

Among the reasons that could generate this stress due to the inability to solve mathematical problems, we could find some social pressure for mastery of the subject. That is, by not being able to show our ability, we enter into states of anxiety that makes us "hate" the subject.

Also the lack of a clear communication It makes us feel dislike of mathematical matter. That is, if a teacher does not have enough tools to motivate and explain the topic correctly, bad communication is being generated that ends up getting the boys to hate this subject and everything that entails.

So, would it be possible to end this child and youth torment in the face of mathematics? Remember that it is a matter that we must master, because all life is mathematics. We cannot live without knowing how to add, subtract, multiply and divide correctly.

Obviously, a solution is to have good teachers who teach the subject from inspiring and motivating perspectives, and show the children the true depth of the subject and its obvious need in daily life, among many other possibilities.

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