HaveIBeenPwned to find out if your data and passwords have been hacked

The Computer attacks and data theft on platforms and social networks are becoming more common. Only in the past two months have we heard of massive leaks of personal information up for sale on LinkedIn and Facebook. In both cases, the companies refused to inform users whose data had been disclosed. The purpose of the HaveIBeenPwned website is precisely so that internet users can find out whether their accounts have been hacked or not.

With HaveIBeenPwned, internet users can determine if their network accounts have been hacked

This website was created by cybersecurity expert Troy Hunt and is currently available a non-profit open source project what is supported by voluntary donations. HaveIBeenPwned owes its name to the term “pwn”, which in hacker jargon refers to the stealing and disclosure of computer data. The name of the website translated into Spanish is “Did you steal my information?” And gives everyone an idea of ​​their openness and accessibility.

How can I tell if my data has been compromised?

In fact, this website is very easy to use. Just enter haveibeenpwned.com and enter a phone number or email address in the box. In this way, the page informs whether the data associated with this email or phone has been filtered and disclosed at any time.

If so, HaveIBeenPwned has provided details of when this information was leaked and whether it was also made publicly available on an internet forum. In addition, the web indicates the computer attacks or the platform through which the hackers accessed this data. For example, this screenshot indicates on which two occasions some data from my email leaked.

The website has a number of cybersecurity tips to help prevent hacking of personal information. The site is integrated with 1Password, a payment service that protects user accounts from data breaches. In addition, the Internet has formed an alliance with the North American FBI to expand its database and better serve its users.

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