HBO Max does not work: what can I do?

HBO Max does not work

HBO Max is a streaming service that offers some of the best series and and the best movies. Like any online content streaming platform, the system can sometimes crash or be a bit unstable, resulting in unexpected glitches when playing videos.

When the application is not working, it is frustrating to not be able to access the content that is available.

There are many reasons why it can happen from endless loading of the content, to an unexpected closing of the app. Despite this, most of the errors can be easily fixed. If you have problems using HBO Max, check these situations:

– HBO Max does not open: it is a common failure for the app to fail to open. When this happens, the simplest solution is to update the application to its latest version. After the update, it is advisable to clear the cache.

– The system does not load: it is not uncommon to get stuck at the login screen. This usually happens when the servers are down. To clear up any doubts, the best thing to do is to use Downdetector, a program that monitors problems and outage reports issued against a website or service to find out what is going on.

– No sound: when there are problems with the audio in a movie, the best thing to do is to change the content to identify the problem. If only one program is giving problems, the failure comes from the HBO Max platform.

If the impediment persists on all series and movies, it is best to check the sound level on the media player, speakers and any other peripherals that are connected. On many occasions, a faulty or improperly attached cable could be the cause of the conflict.

– Collapsed transmission: this happens when there are many devices registered on HBO and the app stops working because it has a limit of users. To check this section, simply go to the profile icon, select “Manage devices” and stop streaming on the devices that are not being used.

– The content is not being played: infinite loading screens are frequent, the failure is due to network bandwidth, connection speed and available memory. So, a slow browsing speed will make the loading of the content endless.

Here it is best to check that the browsing speed is stable and is working normally. A trick that could work is for all network users to pause their activity to give priority to playing content on HBO.

– Error 321: the first thing to do is to make sure that the Internet connection is unhindered and that the HBO Max servers are active. It could also be solved by updating the app and checking that the service is available in the country. The platform will not start with a VPN.

– Error 100 and 420: are common problems in countries where the system is not enabled, unfortunately, when this happens, nothing can be done about it. The problem also arises from using a VPN, so the best thing to do is to turn it off.

The IP address can generate errors 100 and 420. The simplest solution is to restart the router and force the app to close and start it again when the connection is back.

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