HBO Max Lite will be cheaper, but will include advertising

“Most people are not rich,” said Kason Kilar, CEO of Warner Media, at a conference that the streaming platform, under the responsibility of his company, HBO Max, will have a version at a lower price if advertising is included.

HBO Max offers non-intrusive advertising inserts in its streaming at a lower price

Kilar has indicated the second quarter of 2021 as the time when this HBO Max “Lite” would appear, which would offset the drop in subscription price by inserting some ads that, as he shows, are not intrusive and will not improve the user experience affect.

In particular, he has indicated the care and interest they have shown in HBO so that these ads, along with the content, are “organic in character” which shows his satisfaction with how carefully they have designed the manner in which they are Version created The cheapest streaming platform shows advertisements.

The truth is that the HBO Max is streaming service one of the most expensiveIt’s currently $ 15 a month. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to offer a version that is more competitively priced than the other platforms with higher content prices, even if it is exchanged for these promotional inserts. In the US there are streaming platforms that offer advertising inserts, such as Peacock, which is owned by NBC and has a subscription of 4.99 euros. There are also platforms in Spain where you can display content in exchange for displaying advertisements, completely free of charge.

Warner’s CEO himself specifies, on average, fewer than six or seven streaming services a family can subscribe to. So getting selected is important and affordable price can help.

The HBO platform has a good number of launches scheduled for 2021, including outstanding «Zack Snyder’s Justice League«, A production that premiered on March 18th and has generated great expectations as it includes a new montage with a large number of unreleased material and new scenes that came in response to a massive request from fans on the Internet.

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