Health tips for gamers

How to be a healthy gamer

Being a healthy gamer it is possible. Playing video games does not necessarily mean exposing your body and mind to unhealthy habits. You can be a gamer and have a very healthy life.

Make the healthy aspect of playing video games routine.

It may seem paradoxical that you invest so much time playing eSports and don’t know how to stay in good physical shape. The following tips will allow you to prove that being a healthy gamer and a successful video game professional is entirely possible.

How to take care of the health of video game lovers.

– Adopt a correct body posture: invest as much as necessary in ergonomics. That way, you will maintain a proper posture and thus reduce the risk of muscle tension and back problems. Use a comfortable and adjustable chair, place the screen at an ideal distance and make sure that the controller or keyboard does not cause discomfort in your hands.

– Dedicate some of your time to physical activity: video games can be stimulating and recreational, but they are never a substitute for physical activity. Remember that physical exercise is essential to stay in shape and avoid diseases. The recommendation is that you dedicate at least 30 minutes a day to walking, running, jogging, dancing or any other activity that makes you move your body.

– Set a time limit for playing: it is crucial that you aim not to exceed the time limit you set for being in front of the screen. Try to prevent video games from getting in the way of your obligations, your interpersonal relationships or your rest. Try not to play for more than two hours and, while doing so, take breaks of 20 minutes to half an hour.

– Stay well nourished and hydrated: consume unhealthy foods while gaming, especially sugary products, can affect your performance as a gamer and, worse, your overall health. It is preferable to eat a balanced and varied diet. It is also essential to drink water frequently to avoid dehydration.

– Avoid toxic communities: This is a tip that will allow you to take care of another fundamental aspect of your well-being, your mental health. There is no doubt that social interaction in video games has numerous benefits. However, you should avoid insults and name-calling, as well as any other practice that undermines your self-esteem, happiness or psychological integrity.

– Choose the right lighting: it is preferable that your game room has at least one window. This is important because natural light is the softest and most pleasing to the eye. If, on the other hand, you decide to use artificial backlighting, then it is best to purchase an adjustable lamp and soft RGB lights with colors similar to those generated by your screen.

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