Here’s how to enable the new Google Chat built into Gmail

Google is developing a new option to allow iOS and Android users Access your chat through Gmail. This tool was activated for Google Workspace users back in July last year. Since then, Gmail has been integrated with Google Chat, Rooms, and Meet. Although this feature is still being tested, some Gmail accounts are already authorized to access it.

The new version of Gmail offers email, chat and video calls from the same screen

To enable this feature on iOS or Android, you must Access to the “Settings” of Gmail, located at the bottom of the app’s side menu. If you have multiple accounts, you must select which account you want to use to access the chat. Various settings sections are shown below with blue letters. The chat can be activated in the “General” section.

The first option in this section is Chat (Early Access) View Chat And Rooms Tabs “. When this option is checked, a screenshot will be displayed asking if we would like to test Google Chat in Gmail. The text warns that “errors and other problems may occur” and that “you can revert to the previous version of the chat at any time”.

Once enabled, the user will be presented with a series of boxes explaining the functionality of the new tool. This new version of Gmail for Mobile brings mail, chat and video calling in one place and facilitates group work through chats, file sharing and to-do lists.

In the new user interface, there are four tabs at the bottom. From left to right, it’s the email inbox first, then the chat, then the rooms Create workgroups and finally the Video Calls tab.

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