Here’s how to free up space in Google Photos as it’s not unlimited and it’s free

Starting today, June 1st, Google Photos will no longer offer its users unlimited free storage. The storage limit for photos and videos is now set to 15 GB free of charge for users with a Google account. If this amount is exceeded, the user has to pay for the storage of his videos and pictures on the platform.

As of today, Google Photos users will have a maximum of 15 GB of free storage space

With this change in company policy, users must tighten their belts when saving files. For this reason, Google Photos introduced a tool in the latest update to the app that helps its customers find and Remove photos and images from the cloud unnecessary or take up too much space.

This option must be called via the Google Photos app, from either an Android or iOS device. Once inside, you’ll need to access the Account Storage option by clicking on the account’s profile photo in the top right corner.

Within this window you can access another, the “memory management”, which offers the user various options. To free up space, you can delete Large Photos and Videos, Screenshots, and Blurry Photos. Clicking on any of them will bring up the files that belong to that category and you can choose to delete all of them or select the ones you want to delete.

This new tool in the app also shows the percentage of space used by Gmail and Google Drive. And these two tools are also subject to the limit of 15 GB of storage space from today.

If this limit is exceeded, Google offers various storage tariffs of 19.99 euros per year for 100 GB; 29.99 euros for 200 GB or 99.99 euros per year for 2 TB. However, there are also alternative platforms to Google Photos for storing photos and videos without space restrictions.

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