Here’s how to go back to the old Google icon design

Google symbols change design

Google has been developing a process of gradually changing the icons of its main products over the past few months that was only completed a few weeks ago and is now helping to ensure that they all have a more similar design depending on the company’s aesthetic and the Google logo.

Google recently changed all of its product logos

The change process began with the redesign and change of the Google Maps logo on the occasion of the platform’s 15th anniversary. Later on, Google Photos was also completely redesigned, adding a new logo and some additional features. Changes were made to Google Groups later, and in recent redesigns, the rest of the services including Gmail, Drive, Calendar, Documents, and Meetings have changed.

While the renewed designs have an interesting aesthetic coherence, they are not suitable for all users and there is an opportunity to change them and make them look like they were in the past. An Android mobile device is required for this, and you have to install an additional “Icon Pack” which allows you to replace the current models with earlier models. This is how it can be done:

How to change google logos to the old design

– Go to the Google Play Store and find a package to download. It is only necessary to select the one that suits you best in the search engine «Google Icons».

-You need to use an application launcher. There are many that you can use to change the design of the icons. Open your launcher and look for the section that can change the “appearance” of the device.

– Here you can change the “Icon Style” or the “Icon Theme”. Hence, a pop-up will appear where all you have to do is select the traditional Google icons you downloaded earlier.

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