Here’s how to stand out with the best resume templates on the web

Finding a job is a job in itself. You have to spend many hours – possibly almost as many as a working day – looking for a job, and it is not easy at these times: there are many candidates and few positions available.

In this “job search job” it is important to stand out from the others and to be able to quickly prove the skills and training acquired so that the recruiter is interested in our candidacy and offers us an interview. When it comes to making that good impression, a good resume is essential. It is our cover letter, so it needs to be as careful and detailed as possible so that we can stand out from others.

If you don’t know how to make a good resume, there are tools on the internet to help you make a good resume, such as: B. These resume templates to help you stand out from other candidates. You can choose from a wide variety of formats, with different fonts, designs, predominant colors … and you are sure to find the most suitable one for the sector you work in or the one that reflects your feeling as a candidate.

How can you stand out on your resume?

When choosing your template, you need to consider various aspects and the fact that you need to personalize it with your information so that it is attractive to the contractor. For example, it’s often best to choose a resume template that allows you to get information short, concise, and straight to the point.

The faster the relevant information can be seen without artificiality, the better, more professional and more serious the impression will be. The aim is to be effective with the resume and get the candidate known as the best option to get hired among all candidates with just one glance.

Many resumes make the mistake of overloading themselves with information. Better to be direct and clear; The sobriety and the detailed summary make the document more attractive.

Don’t forget the visual part too. It has to look professional without cluttering it. Remember, the recruiter may be the first to look at your photo. Therefore, you have to worry about the first picture of yourself as much as possible.

For example, when choosing a photo for LinkedIn, be sure to include a picture on your résumé that will make you look professional and take care of your clothes. The ideal is a photo in which you appear dressed, as is customary with the position you are about to apply for. When applying for a job in an office it might be best to appear in a suit, but if you want to do physical work it might not be required.

In the photo you need to appear smiling, with a more affable face that shows good treatment, looking at the camera and focusing on your face and shoulders so that your facial features can be well appreciated. There is no point in placing a full-length photo. Also, make sure the background is neutral and doesn’t show any other people or objects that could distract attention.

Finally, personalize the template you choose, add relevant information or change an aspect to make your resume unique. Remember, it’s your cover letter and your open door to your new job. Don’t skimp and create the best resume that impresses the recruiter.

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