Here’s how to watch Jeff Bezos’ space journey live

It begins at 9:00 a.m. Eastern Time in the United States (3:00 p.m. Spanish time) Jeff Bezos space adventurewhich can be streamed from the website of Blue Origin, the private space company founded by Amazon’s founder and CEO 15 days ago.

Blue Origin’s first manned flight takes private space company founder Jeff Bezos. as a crew

Bezos has already spoken out in favor of colonizing the moon and is currently doing his part Blue Origin’s first manned spaceflight. Together with Bezos, his brother Mark and two other crew members, the oldest and the youngest, who have never been in space, will travel to an altitude of 100 kilometers: Wally Funk (82 years) and Oliver Daemen (18 years). Funk was part of the groundbreaking female space exploration program Mercury, although it never made it into space. Daemen received his position as a gift from his father Joes Daemen, founder and CEO of the Dutch investment company Somerset Capital Partners. A space passage, the price of which has not yet been announced.

The whole event will be streamed live from the Blue Origin website. Although the scheduled time for the launch of the missile with the manned New Shepard capsule is 3:00 p.m. Spanish time, the broadcast will begin 90 minutes earlier to account for the moments before launch and will end when the capsule returns for landing. Later and two hours after take-off, the protagonists of the historic flight will hold a press conference.

The full program scheduled for this launch is as follows, using T as the reference for when to start:

-T-90 minutes: Start of streaming broadcast.
-T-45 minutes: Astronauts leave the Blue Origin training facility for the launch site.
-T-30 minutes: The astronauts climb the launch tower until they reach the capsule.
-T-24 minutes: The New Shepard capsule hatch is closed.
-T0: take off
-T + 3 minutes (approximate): The capsule exceeds 100 km in altitude, a distance that is generally recognized as the limit of space.
-T + 4 minutes (approx.): The capsule reaches the zenith of its trajectory and the passengers enjoy a few minutes of weightlessness.
-T + 8 minutes: Detonation of the New Shepard landing missiles.
-T + 11 minutes: Landing of the New Shepard capsule after the deployment of the parachute unit.
-T + 22 minutes: opening the capsule hatch and getting out of the astronauts.
-T + 30 minutes: End of the streaming transmission.
-T + 2 hours (approx): start of the press conference by Jeff Bezos and the rest of the astronauts.

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