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We Are Social and Hootsuite have released the 2022 edition of their now traditional report “Digital Global Overview Report”which is produced annually by one of the world’s most complete radiographies of the Social Media and Internet sector and has become an essential source of information and data for all Community Managers and social media professionals.

More than 4,623 million people worldwide use social networks

The report, which we have already been unpacking in some publications, provides valuable data and conclusions both globally and broken down by country.

According to the study, more than 4.632 billion people around the world already use social networks, which represents 58% of the global population and has added more than 100 million users of social platforms in the last year, when there were 4.55 billion users of social networks.

Most used social networks in the world

But the report provides many more conclusions. It also provides updated usage data on the 20 most used social networks currently in use around the world, as well as average usage times for each platform, main activities that Internet users carry out online, podcast usage data, trends in the use of digital speakers and personal assistants, and much more.

In total there are 300 slides with data, information and interesting conclusions that make up the report, which you can consult here:

Digital 2022 Report by country

In addition to the global-level findings, which make up those 300 slides, We Are Social and Hootsuite have also published detailed information on the state of the industry in individual countries.

In this regard, they provide data on the use of social networks in Spain updated to January 2022, a complete information that is developed in 115 additional slides that you can consult here:

In addition to providing specific data on Spain and most European countries, as well as the United States, Hootsuite and We Are Social’s Digital Report also offers data and statistics on Internet and Social Networking usage in the main Latin American nations.

Here you can consult the data referring to Mexico:

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