How Can I Get Free Gifs on my Iphone?

Are you looking for some cool free Gifs to spice up your iPhone? Have you been scrolling through the App Store, only to find repositories of outdated, low-quality images? Fortunately, you can find plenty of high-quality Gifs for free online, and we’ll show you how to access them on your iPhone.

Steps to Get Free Gifs on iPhone

Getting free GIFs on your iPhone is as easy as downloading an app! There are a number of apps that not only provide a wide variety of animated GIFs, but also allow you to search for GIFs based on keywords or topics. Here are the steps to get free GIFs on your iPhone:

1. Download a GIF App

First, you need to download an app that provides access to free GIFs. Some popular apps include GIPHY, Tenor, and Gfycat. All of these apps are available for free on the App Store.

2. Search for GIFs

Once you’ve downloaded the app, you can start searching for GIFs. Each of these apps has an easy-to-use search bar where you can type in keywords, such as “cat” or “birthday”, and get a list of relevant GIFs.

3. Save GIFs

When you find a GIF you like, you can save it to your phone. Each app has a “Save” button that you can use to save the GIF to your camera roll. You can then access the GIF anytime you want.

4. Share GIFs

Once you’ve saved a GIF to your phone, you can share it with your friends. Most GIF apps have a “Share” button that you can use to send the GIF via text message or email. You can also post it to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Tips for Finding Free GIFs

Finding the perfect GIF can be a bit tricky, so here are a few tips to help you find the perfect GIF:

1. Use Keywords

When searching for GIFs, use keywords to narrow down your search. This will help you find the most relevant GIFs for your needs.

2. Explore Categories

Most GIF apps have a variety of categories to explore, such as “Funny”, “Animals”, and “Movies”. Exploring these categories can help you find the perfect GIF.

3. Check for Updates

Many GIF apps are constantly adding new GIFs, so be sure to check for updates every now and then. This will help you find the latest and greatest GIFs.


Getting free GIFs on your iPhone is easy and fun! With the help of a GIF app, you can search for GIFs based on keywords, explore categories, and save and share them with your friends. Just remember to use keywords, explore categories, and check for updates to make sure you’re getting the best GIFs available.

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