How companies can take advantage of live broadcasts on social networks

There are many social networks and platforms that allow live broadcasts from company or corporate profiles. This is the case of Facebook, Instagram, Twitch, TikTok and even LinkedIn.

From all of them, broadcasting video in real time is as easy as pressing a button. Until a few years ago, companies that wanted to broadcast a live event or any type of content had to make a significant investment: hire sufficient bandwidth, rent equipment and look for specialized technicians…

However, the popularization of live broadcasting tools on social networks has caused the investment to be reduced to practically zero and nothing more than a mobile phone and good content to communicate is necessary to make a live video broadcast from a corporate profile.

But although they are technically easy to carry out, their development requires adequate content planning. Many companies are blocked because they don't know what they can share with their audience through a live broadcast on social networks. So that the same thing doesn't happen to you, here you will find some tips to get more out of live streaming on any platform.

Ways companies can take advantage of social media live

– Retransmission of events. It is one of the main applications of live streaming tools on any social platform. When the company holds an important event, a press conference or any other type of corporate event, the signal can be sent to social media users through a live broadcast.

Product demonstration. When launching a new product or service, it may be a good idea to schedule a live broadcast. For example, you can unbox it (take it out of its box and show the content to the audience) or show how a specific client uses it, which gives the consumer an almost real experience.

– Customer Support. Organizing an interactive session in which clients and potential clients can send their questions and doubts about the operation of a product or service to a brand expert is a way to get closer to the audience and open up business and customer loyalty possibilities. customers.

– Offer relevant information. Just as a statement is sent every time a relevant fact needs to be reported, or it is published on the company blog, an idea could be to communicate the news through video streaming. A company spokesperson can announce the launch of the new product, the company's financial results or any other relevant news through a live broadcast.

– Interviews. You can take advantage of the tools to make direct contacts between several accounts that, for example, Instagram has, to organize a live interview with a brand executive. Users can also be invited to participate with their own questions.

– Search for feedback. Broadcasting in streaming allows you to gauge the opinion of followers and ask their opinion about a product or the brand's strategy… and draw very valuable conclusions in real time. You can carry out surveys, direct questions, etc.

– Promotions and contests. You can launch a new promotion or organize a contest through a live broadcast on social networks, which also provides transparency to the brand. For example, you can do a live broadcast to broadcast how a raffle is carried out. This way participants can see the result in real time.

-Transparency. In addition to the transparency provided, as we have seen, by making a live broadcast during a contest, you can also resort to live broadcasts in a situation that is difficult to communicate. Having a company manager or spokesperson give clear and direct explanations about what happened through a live broadcast, in which they can also be asked and clear all possible doubts, is a way to manage any crisis with honesty and transparency.

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