How do I make a rotating GIF?

Creating a rotating GIF can be a complex task. But with the right knowledge, anyone can learn to make a GIF that animates and moves in a continuous loop. With the correct tools and helpful instructions, you can quickly make your own rotating image that can be used in a variety of ways! In this guide, you will learn how to create a rotating GIF and the tools and techniques you need to give your images a dynamic and ever-changing look.

How do I make a rotating GIF?

What is a rotating GIF?

A rotating GIF is an animation that cycles through a series of images in a loop. It is used in web design to create eye-catching visuals and to provide visual interest to a website.

How do I make a rotating GIF?

Making a rotating GIF is not difficult. All you need is an image editing program, such as Adobe Photoshop, and a few images of your choice.

Step 1: Gather Images

The first step in making a rotating GIF is to gather the images that you want to include in the animation. You can use photographs, illustrations, or any other kind of image that you want. Make sure that the images are the same size and that they are in either JPG or PNG format.

Step 2: Create a New Document in Photoshop

Once you have gathered all of the images, open up Photoshop and create a new document. Set the size of the document to the size of the images that you are using and make sure that the resolution is set to 72 PPI (pixels per inch).

Step 3: Add Images to the Document

Next, add the images that you want to include in the animation to the document. You can do this by dragging and dropping the images into the document or by using the “Place” command.

Step 4: Create the Animation

Once all of the images are in the document, it’s time to create the animation. To do this, go to the “Window” menu and select “Animation”. This will open up a timeline at the bottom of the screen.

Step 5: Set the Timing of the Animation

Now that the animation timeline is open, you can set the timing of the animation. Use the “Timing” drop-down menu to set the speed and duration of the animation. You can also set the number of times that the animation will loop, or set it to loop indefinitely.

Step 6: Save the GIF

Once you are happy with the animation, it’s time to save it as a GIF. Go to the “File” menu and select “Save As”. Select “GIF” from the drop-down menu and click “Save”.


Making a rotating GIF is simple and can be done in just a few steps. All you need is an image editing program and a few images. Follow the steps outlined above and you’ll be able to create your own rotating GIF in no time.

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