How Firefox Relay protects your digital identity

It’s currently in beta, but it won’t be long before it’s available Firefox Relay, an extension of Mozilla’s Firefox browser that significantly improves the protection of digital identity.

The Firefox Relay extension hides the email address in the Mozilla browser

Firefox Relay, a new free extension installed in the Firefox browser, generates an alias, a random email address linked to the user’s actual address. This transfers this new anonymous address to the website, which protects the privacy of the e-mail address.

When surfing on some websites, the user is asked to provide an e-mail address in order to register when using services, accessing subscriptions or filling out forms. This is where some companies perform massive spam submissions or commercial emails that, in addition to the inconvenience of spam, pose a potential risk to digital identity disclosure. Firefox Relay combats this situation at the same time as preventing the user’s email address from being spread across the Internet without their control.

If you see the option to add an email address while browsing, you will see the button that enables this feature. From then on, the real email address is only visible to Firefox. In practice, a temporary e-mail mailbox is created which can be used to receive e-mails with various aliases and user-manageable mailboxes.

You can access these emails from the navigation bar of the Mozilla browser. This service has some limitations in beta, such as: B. only allowing files Attachments under 150 Kb.

Mozilla has been particularly concerned for a while Protection of privacy the user of your Firefox browser and also offers other tools such as Facebook Container, Firefox Monitor or Mozilla VPN.

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