How Imagine, Meta’s AI image generator works

The competition is very close when it comes to generative Artificial Intelligence. Imagine, Meta’s latest AI bet, comes into play to compete with image generators using Artificial Intelligence such as DALL-E, Midjourney or Shutterstock, among others.

The novelty of this Meta AI is that the Artificial Intelligence previously launched by the company was only available within Meta’s social networks, however, Imagine is an independent website, which you can use even without using Meta’s platforms.

If you want to know more about this new AI tool, in this article you will see what it is and how it works.

How Imagine by Meta works

Imagine Generator

Imagine with Meta AI is a image generator developed by Meta based on artificial intelligence which uses its synthesis model, Emu.

By giving you an order through a prompt -a description in text form- is capable of generate totally new images. In fact, for each description it creates about four images.

To train him, the company has used 1.1 billion photos that have been shared publicly on Facebook and Instagram. That is, it generates new images from what the model “learns” about visual data obtained from the training images, in this case, from public photos shared on the group’s social networks.

To create images with Imagine it is necessary to enter the official website and log in with a Meta account, which you can import from a Facebook or Instagram profile.

Once inside, you just have to give the necessary instructions in the search box that appears. For example, “cotton candy clouds over the beach”, in Spanish, “cotton candy clouds over the beach”. Then, click on “Generate”. As a result, the AI ​​generates four 1280×1280 pixel images that can be saved in JPEG.

Imagine Example

All created files include in the lower left corner a watermark which indicates “Imagine with Meta AI” next to a small logo. This issue is still open as Meta is also working on an invisible watermarking system that is not yet operational. With it, it seeks to increase transparency, trying to avoid possible misinformation or harmful content.

Where is Imagine available?

Despite being part of Meta, it has been launched independently outside of the group’s social networks -Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp-. It has its own website that anyone can access for free at

However, for the moment It is only possible in the United States. Although you can access the website from other countries, as soon as you want to create an image, you must log in with a Meta account and after that a message appears indicating that it is not available in the respective location.

The company has not yet indicated when this service will reach other places, so if you are not in the United States and you want to try it, A feasible solution is to use a VPN, if not, the most comfortable thing is to wait for its launch in the country you are in.

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