how is Virtual Reality influencing online casinos?

Virtual reality glasses

In recent times, one of the sectors that has experienced the greatest growth in the number of users is that of gambling, mainly due to the great revolution brought about by the Internet.

This has made it possible to play online casino Spain from any type of device and at any time of the day. The success of online games has made that casino developers have bet on technology and one of the most used nowadays is virtual reality. But, how has this casino influenced Internet gambling? Here we explain it to you.

Differences between Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality is a type of technology that allows users to enjoy a fully immersive experience, which excludes the player from the outside world and places them in imaginary or real environments, as allowed by some tools such as Google Cardboard or Oculus Rift glasses.

On the other hand, what Augmented Reality (AR) does is to provide the user with a fully interactive experience in a real-world environment. To do this, what it does is to add layers of digital information to it. A clear example of this technology is the Pokemon Go game, which has been so successful.

Use of these technologies in casinos

VR glasses

As we have already said, these two types of technologies have already taken off in the online casino industry. Players, today, can play in a completely virtual environment and in 3 dimensions, being able to compete with each other, something that already happens in any self-respecting physical casino.

But, thanks to these technologies, players can be transported to some of the most important casinos in the world, being able to play games such as roulette, slot machines, poker or blackjack in Las Vegas and other cities in the world that have the most recognized casinos worldwide.

Although Virtual Reality is gaining more ground in the sector, it is true that Augmented Reality is already in full development and will allow the superimposition of real-world objects in the digital environment.

Thanks to this technology, players will be able to see each other, getting, in addition, a fully detailed visualization, as well as a realistic soundtrack, in addition to tactile sensations. That is, they will be able to look at the cards and chips and even enjoy the sensation of shaking hands with the dealer or touching the buttons on the slot machines.

Enjoying a 360º environment is another advantage that this technology will bring to the casino world. The player will have the freedom to see what is happening at other tables and move around the gaming room at will.

While it is true that these two technologies are in development, it is safe to say that they are still limited to a few sites. However, it is expected to be a type of technology that will soon be used on a daily basis on gambling websites. Moreover, it can be said that they will revolutionize the future of online gambling.

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