How many people are named after me?

How many are called ...?

The website we are presenting to you today will answer something that you have surely asked yourself several times. It may seem like another curiosity on the internet, but the National Institute of Statistics of Spain (INE) has an interactive tool called “How many are called …?” Created that is available on the official website of the INE and allows users to enter their first and last name and review How many people are named alike? than she was in Spain.

In How many are called …? It is possible to discover that the younger people have traditional names such as Horacio, Auspicio or Felisa.

The tool can be accessed via the link below. In it, the user will find a field where they can enter their name or one of their last names to check how many people are in each Spanish province with the same first or last name. The information is shown as a percentage on the national map and is a stronger color when the surname is in use and clearer when it is rare or when none appear together. In the case of surnames, you can check how many people have this as their first or second surname.

The following picture shows the tool in operation with the surname «Vicent», showing that there is a greater concentration of this surname in the province of Castellón:

How many are called Vicent?

In addition, there is an “i” icon in the lower right part of the web page that allows users to access the INE database, where they can find information on first and last names. With that in mind, the latest 2019 data released by the agency indicates this the most common name for women It’s María Carmen and for men it’s Antonio. On the other hand, García is the most common family name in our country.

In the INE information base it is also possible to consult which they are most common first and last names in each province Spanish or the most common names in each decade with an Excel file downloaded with all the information. With this in mind, the most common names for men are Antonio, Manuel, José, and Francisco, while for women, María Carmen is the most popular name, followed by Ana María, María or Carmen.

We can also find information about the names of foreigners living in Spain, for example that the most common name of Germans living in Spain is Michael and that of Belgian Jean Pierre.

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