How many users does OnlyFans have?

OnlyFans passed Already 100 million registered users. The web portal, where any user can market their content – generally erotic and for adults – and charge a small monthly amount to those who subscribe to it and get financial tips for premium content, has seen significant growth this year a whole social boom.

Of the 100 million OnlyFans users, only 1.5 million regularly create content and the rest just consume it

Although the platform does not provide official data on the number of registered users, OnlySearcher, an OnlyFans profile search engine, has offered the number of users, which currently exceeds 100 million.

Of these, a little over 97 million are people who are solely dedicated to viewing content created by others. They pay for their subscription to certain accounts, but they don’t produce any content themselves. On the other hand, according to OnlySearcher, just over 1.5 million people regularly create content and make money with OnlyFans.

The search engine shows in this interactive chart How has OnlyFans grown? from January 2016 to October this year:

This social platform was born in 2016 and has since marked the “overization” of the audiovisual content industry, eliminating intermediaries and allowing anyone to monetize their audience by getting money for their content.

The content is exclusive and only subscribers can see it. OnlyFans keeps 20% of the income generated, but there are users who make large amounts of money from their content and this has resulted in a significant increase in the number of creators, especially since the coronavirus pandemic began and many people have seen themselves unemployed or forced to work from home.

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OnlyFans isn’t the only platform you can sell content on. There are also other alternatives to OnlyFans. However, if you want more information on how OnlyFans works, an entire social network that has become very fashionable in the past few months, be sure to check out the following video:

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