How much do you know about dreams

All people dream different types of dreams while sleeping. However, the mechanics behind dreams are unknown. Although it may seem difficult to understand, dreams happen without the will of the person who dreams.

the dreams we dream of

There are different types of dreams

There are many types of dreams. Some are pleasant and we don’t want to wake up. There are also some who disturb, where waking up will restore our calm. Or those that are extravagant and that we cannot understand.

In any case, we cannot remember 90% of what we dream of when we wake up. The truth is, most of us have three to six dreams a night. But it is common that when we wake up we have no idea what our mind was dreaming about.

Dreams relate to what you thought or lived

Some therapeutic explanations suggest that they are related to desires that the person subconsciously could never fulfill. Many of them relate to events that happened to us. It also often happens that they have to do with important events that are about to occur or that affect us. As it could be an exam, some health tests, a party, or any other event that involves thinking about a specific topic several times a day.

They can be surreal too. They are the ones in which the brain retains a space for illusion and imagination. What worries us is no longer a problem and can be turned into a beautiful and positive event while sleeping. It can also turn out to be something amazing.

There are happy memories or experiences that when turned into a dream turn into very pleasant dreams that we do not want to wake up from. Each individual has their own experience and this motivates that all dreams are very different.

Some scientists collected thousands of different types of dreams. They have been recommended by people from all over the world from different cultures. It was shown that there is no race, no gender, no age, no religion or no social class that makes a difference. There is also no particular position or better place than another. We all dream.

we all dream

When you wake up you will not remember what your dream was

There are 3 theories they interpret because some are disruptive and more memorable

  1. One theory says that in this type of dream, our mind is studying a threat that is in our brains through a simulation.
  2. Another theory is that in a dream two events that take place in real life but are independent can be connected to each other.
  3. A third theory is that the brain keeps us awake and dreams of our worst fears. This will help remove fears and allow you to think about it with more peace of mind.

dream of the experience

Most people only remember disturbing dreams when they wake up. In such dreams, people who are strangers generally appear. In most cases, these strange people endanger the life of the dreamer or his family. This type of dream makes up 1% of the total amount we dream of, but its disturbing nature makes us think of it more than others.

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