“How normal am I”, an interactive documentary about your face

How normal I am new face recognition site

“How Normal Am I” is a page that analyzes users’ faces using various types of artificial intelligence algorithms so that users can review safely and anonymously. how facial recognition algorithms work and what they do with the information they collect about each user.

The web shows users how facial recognition algorithms use the information to perform various actions, such as: B. Predicting age

Created by Sherpa Pieces, “How normal I am” enables the user to do so Star in an interactive documentary about your face and it works very simply. All you have to do is go to the hownormalami.eu website, where you can read a legend that says “See Artificial Intelligence Assess Your Face” and a button to start rendering.

The application needs access to the computer’s webcam. However, as the company expressly states, no personal data is collected. When you press the button, a small video will be displayed explaining what the experience will be like while the face detection algorithms that need to access the camera are loaded. The algorithms then begin scanning the user’s face and the “game” begins. At any time, one of the tool’s developers explains each step and how companies use the data through videos.

How normal am i? Checks how facial recognition algorithms work

After asking about the participant’s age, it is explained that many dating platforms use these algorithms to find out if a user is lying about their age. Our beauty is measured below, which is common in applications like Tinder, which use this information to show users of similar beauty.

Next, the Body Mass Index (BMI) is measured and a prediction of the time we will live is made. At the end, a funny picture is shown and the algorithm recognizes whether it brings us joy or sadness and creates a facial imprint like the one used by surveillance cameras and smartphones to identify users.

The site and its creators have focused on that Protect user dataWe are therefore reminded at any time that the data collected will only be passed on with express consent. Also, in order to protect security and user data, all facial analysis algorithms used are downloaded to the browser, so no cloud technology is used which is vulnerable to security breaches.

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