How online casinos take advantage of social media engagement

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Much has changed in the online casino industry following the popularization of the Internet and social media. Arguably, a new era has arrived where “engagement” and interactions have become fundamental to the industry. This takes fortune roulette and digital card games to a higher level.

As the industry evolves, casinos, especially those that are singled out as top performers on lists compiled by casino experts, recognize the immense potential that social media has as a tool to expand their reach and interact with a wider audience.

It is no longer just about offering the best gaming tools and ensuring hours of entertainment, it goes beyond that. It is necessary to show very attractive visual designs and elaborate interesting promotions that invite participation. In reality, what is being generated are bonds of trust with online players, a direct and emotional point of connection between the casino and the person who decides to invest his time playing in it.

What’s more, these platforms no longer become just gaming environments, but offer a much greater experience: they allow developing a feeling of belonging to the community, seeking players’ loyalty thanks to practicing bidirectional gaming on social networks.

How online casinos seek interaction and foster trust.

This reality we expose is true in virtually every industry, from sports to footwear, but it is especially significant in its influence in the digital casino arena. Considering that more than 60% of the world’s population uses social platforms (Facebook has already surpassed 3 billion users while other platforms such as YouTube or TikTok have grown spectacularly in recent months), it is inevitable that online casinos do not have a presence in these channels that are so popular with their customers and potential players.

Internet users spend more than two and a half hours a day connected on social networks. Being able to create a relationship of trust with them on these channels is fundamental for many online casinos. Interacting with them, offering them valuable content, but also listening to their requests and taking their comments into account, will provide online casinos with very relevant information when developing their Internet strategy.

How can casinos develop that honest and transparent relationship with users on social networks that will allow them to grow and offer them even better service, more satisfaction and hours of entertainment? We analyze some of these strategies:

-Develop a content strategy.

Online casinos can use social channels to provide information of interest to their users and potential players. Some of the contents that can be provided include news, information about new tournaments to be held, interesting promotions….

Having a strategy and planning of the contents to be provided will help to turn the channels into useful information tools for users. In addition, it will help to build loyalty among Internet users who are already on our social channels and to obtain new ones.

-To carry out marketing campaigns with influencers.

Relying on popular influencers and gamers can be very useful strategies to develop on social networks. For example, a YouTuber or a Twitch user could promote, during his live shows, the latest offers of the casino with which he has a partnership.

It can also be very useful to offer discounts and exclusive promotions to the people who are watching those live broadcasts

-Exclusive promotions

Following on from the previous section, it is advisable to “take care” of the people you follow on social networks by offering them incentives to keep them following the online casino’s social networks and interacting with your publications. One of the most effective is to offer exclusive advantages and promotions for the casino’s followers on its social channels. In this way, it is possible to retain the loyalty of users who are already fans but also to attract other people to continue growing.

-Community feeling

Fostering a sense of community among the people who follow the online casino on social networks -or who simply interact with its publications- is fundamental.

In this sense, offering them answers to their questions, responding to their comments, and making them feel part of an interesting group, in which valuable content is shared, is ideal. This will help them identify more with the values that you want to transmit and their feeling of belonging to the group will be greater.

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