How technology can help you quit smoking

It is very easy to start smoking. The really complicated thing is to quit tobacco. The vast majority of smokers start smoking almost without realizing it, without being aware of the actual effects of smoking on the body. The main problem that arises when trying to quit is the strong addiction it creates in smokers, reinforced by a number of habits and routines associated with tobacco use. In these situations, that is Innovation and technology They appear as bases in the fight against tobacco: chewing gum and nicotine patches; electronic cigarettes and even electronic cigarettes with artificial intelligence, of which you can find further references on the Ivapeo blog; mobile apps; smart watches and many others. You also need to consider some traditional options: go to a special bibliography, such as the legendary book It’s Easy stop smoking If you know how, from Allen Carr and of course the help of family and friends, from an environment that strengthens the measures necessary to leave tobacco once and for all.

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The importance of motivation

When it comes to achieving a purpose, there is nothing better than having a strong one motivation that leads to the achievement of the goal. If you really want to quit smoking, you need to be clear about the real reason why you want to quit smoking. Motivation is what you will stick to if you feel like smoking. Motivation will be the last goal you will think of when you come up with the following idea: “I have been smoking for several days. If I smoke a single cigarette now, it makes no difference. “And you will be wrong.

So be clear why do you want to stop and think about that goal. You may have just become a mother and father and want your children to grow up in a smoke-free environment. Perhaps the reason is a serious health problem. It may even be due to a personal bet where you played a good handful of euros. Everyone has their motivation and they are all equally valuable. Just decide which one is yours and never lose sight of it.

Technology to rescue smokers

After clarifying the importance of motivation in smoking cessation, we outline some technological advances that will make it easier for you to end your harmful relationship with tobacco.

Electronic cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes, also called vapers, are a good transition alternative for smokers who cannot stop overnight, which is very difficult. Vaping an e-cigarette helps reduce nicotine addiction.

They are less harmful to health because, by using rechargeable vapor liquids, they eliminate the combustion process that worsens health so much. In addition, vaping, exhaling this vapor, acts as a sublimation of the habit of exhaling smoke. One of the experiences that those who quit smoking yearn for.

Nicotine gum stains and chewing gum

Both nicotine patches and chewing gum alleviate the fear that a smoker will not receive the usual nicotine dose for the first few days or weeks. Usually, you use it every time the smoker feels the desire to smoke. This reduces this need and gradually reduces tobacco consumption, as well as the plasters and chewing gum itself.
Mobile apps

There are uses of all kinds, so it was impossible not to quit smoking. These applications set a number of guidelines for you and evaluate your progress. Applications like gradually quitting smoking, Smoking Time Machine, or Respirapp can be great allies in a fight that needs support.

Social networks

Social networks are accused on many occasions of being empty and superficial, breaking the closeness and closeness of the citizens, which may be true but also has many advantages. In the case that concerns us, for example on social networks, there are support groups that stop smoking, groups where you can get advice and read testimonies from people who have been through the same. A mirror to look at and a place to gather strength to keep fighting smoking.

Wearable technology

Wearable technology is a group of advances that are used to achieve a nicotine and smoke free lifestyle. Electric bracelets, smart watches and various types of devices such as cigar holders that monitor the content of inhaled substances, etc.

Smokers have many options to deal with the process, and what is very helpful for some cannot be for others. Therefore, every smoker has to find his own way to win the fight against tobacco.

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