How to access Movistar+ hidden channels

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Movistar+ users have access to the different channels offered by the pay TV operator, but there are others that are not available at the moment because they are in a testing period. This will be the case until the time comes for their commercial launch on one of the main streaming platforms present in Spain.

The channels in testing are not offered as available to Movistar+ subscribers and may be 4K versions of others already available.

But the fact that they are not available does not necessarily mean that they are not accessible, although, yes, with some trick in between. The requirements are quite simple: being a Movistar+ fiber or ADSL subscriber and having a Movistar+ decoder.

From here it is a matter of using the so-called “virtual decoder”This is an application that allows to replicate through software the operation of the physical device and that has the interesting feature of downloading (for its optimal operation) a list of channels updated directly from the Movistar+ servers through a file with .m3u extension that can be loaded in other programs compatible with this format, such as IPTViewr.

In the case of IPTViewr it is a Windows compatible program. based on the popular VLC media player. and with which, once the aforementioned file with the channel list is loaded, it will make it possible to view the complete list of channels. This also includes those channels that Movistar+ currently has in the testing phase and which are not available through the decoder.

At present there are about twenty test channels, some of them HD or 4K resolution versions of other existing channels.In other cases, these are promotional channels or test broadcasts of local television channels.

In any case, these channels may be particularly attractive to users who might enjoy them in the future, so it may be a good idea to take a look at them before deciding to unsubscribe from Movistar+ if you have not been taking advantage of them up to now.

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