How to Access Roku Secret Menus

Whether you have a new or old Roku device, the truth is that You can make the most of its functions through the Roku secret menus sectionwhich works as an advanced settings section.

Through a secret menu you can check your Wi-Fi connection, set a preference for ads, take screenshots and much more.

Therefore, if you have a device with Roku TV at home and want to take full advantage of it, here we will tell you how to access the hidden features easily.

These are the secret Roku menus

Before starting with the instructions, all the steps will be carried out with the Roku remote control, you will need to press certain buttons quickly and in sequence to find the menu in question.

– Ads and screenshots: It is used to control scrolling advertising and screenshot formats to choose how images will be displayed on the panel. Press the “Home” button on the controller five times and then press the Up – Right – Down – Left – Up arrows.

– Secret network: It is made to check your internet connection, view your IP address, and configure new networks (including bandwidth). Tap the “Home” button five times followed by Up – Rewind – Rewind – Fast Forward – Fast Forward.

– Software information: If you want to know what version of the operating system your Roku device is running and which apps have been updated and which have not, this feature will be useful to you. Press the “Home” button three times and then this sequence: Left > Right > Left > Right > Left.

– Hidden HDMI: provides information about the Roku's HDMI connection, including the types of resolutions available and enabled refresh rates. Also, inform about the type of TV you have and the model. Press the “Home” button five times and then: Down – Left – Up – Up – Up.

– Developer menu: Made for developers who want to test an app on a Roku device before officially releasing it in an app store. Press the “Home” button three times and the up button twice, followed by Right – Left – Right – Left – Right.

– Wireless Menu: It offers data about the Wi-Fi network, such as its performance, download and upload speed, etc. Press the “Home” button five times and Up – Down – Up – Down – Up.

– Secret platform: Finally, if you want more data, percentages and information about the Roku device, in this menu you will find Wi-Fi network reports, system data and many other specifications. Tap the “Home” button five times, then: Fast forward – Play/Pause – Rewind – Play/Pause – Fast forward.

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