How to activate parental controls in Disney+

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The Disney+ platform organizes its content through different thematic channelswhich brings together films, documentaries or series related to or coming from common production companies and studios. Thus, there is a Disney channel, a Pixar channel, a Star Wars channel, a Marvel channel, a National Geographic channel and, finally, the most recently incorporated channel, Star, where there is room for contents more oriented to adult audiences.

The Disney+ channels group content by theme: Star Wars, Marvel, National Geographic..

In this last channel Disney has brought together a wide variety of content, much of it from the recent acquisition of Fox, and in many cases it is films and series that are not strictly aimed at a children’s or young adult audience as it happens in a generalized way in the rest of the channels mentioned above.

One of the latest titles to arrive on this channel is the series “Pam & Tommy”, which narrates the events that took place in the mid-1990s around the publication of the home tape that showed intimate and highly sexual moments between the actress and model Pamela Anderson and the musician of the group Mötley Crue Tommy Lee.

And it is quite possible that some parents may not want their minor children to be able to access that content or others due to issues of violence or profanity. From movies like “Die Hard” or “Deadpool” to animated series like “Family Guy,” a good number of the content on the Star channel of the Disney+ platform is often preceded by a warning about the recommended viewing age.

As a result, Disney+ has established the possibility of setting up a parental control by means of a PIN for each user of the streaming platform. The way to achieve this is as follows:

How to activate parental lock on Disney+

You must follow the steps below:

-Press on “Access the complete catalog” in the welcome screen.

-Enter the user password.

-Choose the “Set PIN” option to control other users’ access to the Star channel.

Then the possibility to allow access to the channel to other users of the streaming platform is offered, in which different profiles can be registered. These permissions can be modified later and as they are protected by their own PIN each user will only be able to access through their profile.

In Disney+ the content rating includes the following age categories: 6, 9, 12, 14, 16 and 18 years old. In this way a personalized authorization level can be assigned to different user profiles

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