How to activate Spanish voice on Google Maps

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Google Maps has added in its latest update the possibility of activating a Spanish voice. By activating it, the user will be able to follow the directions to follow a route in Spanish, so that it is easier to understand for speakers of this language. For the time being, this update is only available for devices with an Android operating system. Google plans to bring this feature to iOS devices in the near future.

Google Maps has introduced in its latest update the possibility of activating a voice in Spanish to follow the directions

If you have a phone or tablet running Android, here we explain step by step how you can activate the voice in Spanish to make it more convenient for you to use Google Maps:

-Last updated version: As explained above, the Spanish voice is only available in the updated version of Google Maps. To make sure that this is the version you have installed, go to Google Play, search for Maps in the navigation bar and check that your version of the app is the latest.

-Options menu: Open the Google Maps app and click, at the top right, on your profile icon. When you do so, you will see a tab with multiple options.

-“Settings”: In that tab you must click on the “Settings” sign, one of the last in the list, which appears with a cogwheel icon.

-“Navigation settings”: The “Settings” button will lead you to see a new tab displayed on the left side of the screen. This menu allows you to access different aspects of Google Maps settings. Click on the one that says “Navigation settings”.

-“Sound & Voice.” Now click on the “Sound and voice” option, from where you will be able to configure different aspects related to the audio of Google Maps. Within this section you must enter the sign that says “Selected voice”.

-“Spanish (Spain)”: Once you enter the above option, Google Maps will take you to the language selection menu. Select the “Spanish (Spain)” option, and you will have installed the Spanish voice for future directions.

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