How to activate the new Gmail design

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Gmail has developed a new design of its interface which is now available to all users, but whose activation is optional, a simple process that requires only two steps and is reversible, for those who after trying the new view prefer to continue with the classic one.

The redesigned Gmail view is associated with Google Chat and integrates Workspace tools

The main feature of the new Gmail view is that it is associated with Google Chat, which completely replaces the previous instant messaging platform of the house, Hangouts. Since Google does not activate this platform by default, in case you have never used it before, you will need to activate Google Chat in Gmail, which is achieved as follows:

-Enter in Gmail.

-Access to the Configuration menu via the gear icon at the top right.

-Select “View all settings”.

-Bookmark the “Chat and Meet” option at the top of the menu.

-Trigger “Google Chat” instead of “Classic version of Hangouts”.

-Confirm with “Save changes”.

-Reload Gmail.

When you finish this process and after reloading Gmail all changes should be saved, activating the new view by following the path “Settings – Quick settings – Test the new Gmail view“.

If after working with it the user decides that the new interface is not to their liking the changes can be deactivated by following the steps above

Although at the moment the new Gmail view is optional Google’s plans is that for a few months from now, mid-2022, this will be the new default look that will be displayed for all users.

The strategy in this regard is in line with Google’s intention to integrate all the services of its Workspace productivity platform, available since last summer to all free Gmail users.

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