How to activate the “Sensitive Content Notice” on iPhone

You can make your iPhone or iPad notifies you with an alert that you have received some type of sensitive contentwhether it is an image or a video.

This way you will be the one in charge of deciding if you want to see it or not. But, to do this, you will have to activate one of the new functions that has arrived in both iOS 17 and iPadOS 17.

How to avoid seeing nude photos and videos on your iPhone or iPad

Security is vital in the Digital Age. And, above all, if you have minors at home, who are more vulnerable to this type of sensitive content. 70% of children under 15 years of age have their own mobile phone.

For all this, Apple has worked on what it has called Sensitive content notice. But before you activate it, you better know what this new feature is. After the explanation, decide whether to activate it or not.

What is Apple’s “Sensitive Content Notice”?

This new function that Apple has included in the latest versions of its equipment operating systems aims to prevent receiving unwanted content on your iPhone or iPad through different means.

Yes, this feature works – or is compatible, rather – with different applications: Messages, AirDrop, Contacts, Video messages (FaceTime). Other third-party applications such as WhatsApp, Telegram, etc. They are not compatible – at the moment – with this advance notice system. Although cases such as Instagram already restrict harmful content to those under 16 years of age by default.

That said, when your iPhone or iPad believes that the content you have just received through any of the previous methods, it will blur that content and leave you a notice ‘May have sensitive content’, leaving you the option of showing it – if you wish and by pressing the ‘show’ button – or if you don’t know what to do, press the small warning icon that also appears in the notice to block the person or find other resources.

Of course, Apple warns you that this analysis is done completely locally, so they do not have access to the images you receive, much less store them.

How to activate “Sensitive Content Notice” on your iPhone or iPad

Activate sensitive content on iPhone

The way to activate this new function is identical on both the Apple smartphone and tablet. And you must follow the following steps:

-Go to ‘Settings’ of your device

-Now look for the ‘Privacy and security’ section and enter it

-Navigate through the new menu until you find the option that indicates ‘Sensitive content warning’ and click on it

-When entering the following menu, you will only have to activate the function with the button. After activating it, you will see the complete list of compatible applications that you have installed on your iPhone or iPad. And you can decide whether to be active in all of them or only in some

Activate “Communications Safety” for minors in the home

Activate communications security on iPhone minors

If you want to go a step further and activate the safeguarding of minors at home – as long as they have an Apple device in their possession and you have them added to the Family section of your Apple account – you can activate what is known as ‘Security in communications’.

What will you achieve with this? Well, every time the minor receives this type of content, the blurred photograph or video also appears, offering the possibility of seeing it or not, in addition to being able to contact – immediately – with an adult they trust.

If this measure has convinced you, to activate it, you must follow the following steps:

-Enter ‘Settings’ on your iPhone or iPad, look for the ‘Usage Time’ option and click on it

-In the following menu, in the ‘Family’ section, click on the name of the minor(s)

-In the menu of each minor, look for the ‘Communications Security’ option and activate it

Remember that it is not a foolproof method and if the minor decides to view the content, there is little you can do. Likewise, according to Apple, the notices are adjusted to the different ages of minors.

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