How to add multiple Google accounts in the browser

Add multiple Google accounts

Manage all your Google accounts from one place in the browser can be a complicated task. Google Chrome gives you the option to create different Chrome profiles, but to access them you must open another window and log in.

Manage all your Google accounts from any browser without opening new windows.

Fortunately, there are several ways to access multiple Google accounts from your default profile without leaving the window you’re in. Here’s how to quickly and easily sign out, no matter what browser you’re using.

Switch Google profiles within the same window.

Before we start with this short tutorial, it is crucial to keep in mind that Google account and Chrome profile are not the same thing. On the one hand, you can generate multiple Chrome profiles and add different Google accounts in each of them.

However, to switch from one profile to another you will need to log out where you are working and then log in to the other account, or log in from a different Chrome window. Either way, separating your personal and work sessions without having to do all of the above is possible by following these instructions:

– Log in to the browser of your choice and log in to Gmail.

– When you are in the inbox, locate your profile icon in the upper right corner and click on it. It is worth clarifying that the symbol you should click on is not the one for your Chrome profile, in case you are using that browser.

– Next, you will see a drop-down menu, in which you must click on the “Add another account” section.

– The next thing is to enter the login details for the new account and press the “Next” button.

– Done, a new Gmail tab will now open with the new profile you added, allowing you to manage both the new session and the one you already had open in the same window.

Finally, note that you do not necessarily have to complete this procedure from the Gmail inbox. You can also do it from the home page of the browser where you are logged in with your Google account or from any other service such as Photos, Drive, Docs, etc.

Also, remember that when you access any Workspace file it will open with the account you used to create it, regardless of whether you have other active sessions.

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