How to add or remove watermarks from a document in Word

Adding watermarks to your Word documents is useful to protect your intellectual property and ensure the authenticity of your files.

By incorporating a watermark, whether a discreet logo or personalized text, it is superimposed on the background of the document, making it difficult to alter or unauthorized reproduction.

If you want to learn how to do it, in this article we explain in detail how you can add watermarks quickly and easily.

How to add watermarks to a document in Word

Adding watermarks to a document in Word is possible by accessing the “Watermark” function offered by the Microsoft word processor.

So you can do it, follow this step by step:

-Open the Word document to which you want to add the watermark, either blank or with the content already prepared.

-Look for the “Design” option at the top of the tool.

photo of watermarks in word

-Then, locate the “Watermark” section at the top left of the tools menu and click on it.

-A panel will open with the available watermarks that Word offers by default. Choose the one that best suits your needs by clicking on the template.

watermark photo applied in word

-And that’s it, the selected watermark will automatically be applied as a background in your document.

Add an image as a watermark

To add an image as a watermark in Word, follow this simple process:

-Open your Word document.

-Go to the “Design” tab at the top of the tool.

-Look for the “Watermark” function and select it.

custom watermark photo

-Click on “Custom Watermarks” and a new window will open; Click “Image Watermark.”

watermark photo image

-Select the image you want to use, either from online or from the photo library on your computer.

watermark photo image applied in word

-Click on “Apply” and the image will be configured as a watermark on your document.

Add your own text watermark

If you prefer to customize your text watermark in Word instead of using the default options, follow these steps:

-Open a document in Word.

-Click on the “Design” tab.

-Then, search for “Watermark” and select “Custom Watermarks”.

-Select “Text Watermark”.

-Choose the language.

-Enter the text you want to identify your watermark.

photo of how to add a custom watermark

-Select the font and adjust the desired size.

-Choose a color for the text.

-Defines the distribution, whether diagonal or horizontal.

photo of a personal watermark

-Once customized according to your preferences, click “Apply” and that’s it.

How to remove watermarks in Word

To remove a watermark in Word, follow these simple steps:

-Open your document in Word.

-Go to the “Design” tab and then select “Watermark.”

photo of how to remove watermark

-Click on the “Remove watermark” option.

-That’s all, the watermark will be removed from your document.

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