How to animate a handmade drawing using AI

Artificial intelligence applications allow us to perform everything from more professional tasks such as generating texts and editing videos, to more entertaining ones such as creating our own emojis. Now, you can also animate any drawing very easily using AI.

Whether you want to use it as content or to surprise a child, with this tool you can bring any handmade drawing to life by making it greet you or even start dancing. Do you want to know how to achieve this striking effect? Pay attention to the steps that we detail below.

How to animate a handmade drawing

The website that is in charge of this is called Animated Drawings and what it does is allow you Upload a handmade drawing or caricature so you can easily animate it and share the file for free.

You can achieve very attractive results that the little ones in the house will surely love. To achieve this you just have to follow this step by step:

-First of all, take a photo of the drawing you want to bring to life. To do this, some advice that the tool gives us is that only one character appears in the image and that preferably their arms and legs do not overlap the body. Also, make sure it is drawn on white paper and that the page is not torn or wrinkled. The result will be of much higher quality.

-Then, once ready, access the website through this link

-Click on Get Started to start.Learn to animate a handmade drawing

-Next, you can tap on Upload Photo or select some of the test drawings that the website shows you in the Sample Drawings section.

This is how you can animate a handmade drawing-Upload the photo of the drawing and select the area where it is located with the help of the frame that surrounds it. Click on Next.

How to bring a handmade drawing to life

-Click Next again for the tool to scan the figure.

How to animate a handmade drawing

-Now you must place the axes that appear in the character's joints. With this we will ensure that the drawing has animation.

This is how you can give animation to a handmade drawing

-In the next section you will only have to select the animation that you like the most among the several that appear to give life to the drawing. For example, you can choose to have the character jump, walk, dance, or greet you, among others.

How to animate a child's drawing

-Finally, you can click Share and on the screen that opens select the way you like the most, for example, you can click on Mail and receive the file in video form at the address you choose.

-If you think you could obtain a better result by selecting the joint axes again, click Fix to reposition them. If what you want is to do the same with another drawing, click on + Drawing and start the process again.

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