How to avoid ‘noise’ in photographs

What is noise in photography

What does the noise in photographs refer to? It is a unintentional environmental signal captured by the camera sensor.

This is a signal that can be present in all cameras, no matter if it is a professional device or a mobile camera. It is something that cannot be made to disappear completely, but its presence can be minimized so that the image quality is better.

Below, you will understand what causes the noise and access several tips so that you can easily quell it.

Why noise occurs in a photograph

The noise of a photograph It is caused by uncontrolled pixels They are not able to correctly reproduce the color or brightness of the scene. This usually occurs in places that do not have good lighting, since they require greater performance from the camera lens to capture more light.

When the camera is forced to obtain light or makes a representation of it because there is too little, noise is present. The result is that photographs can be distorted. To avoid this, you must follow a series of tips:

How to avoid noise in photographs

It is possible to correct noise in the camera settings. You must take into account the following considerations:

– Image exposure: The key to reducing noise is proper exposure. If the photo does not have very bright spots, you can overexpose the capture a little to get more details without the appearance of noise. If you are using your mobile phone, a good photo editing app could help you get the settings right.

– Low ISO: a high ISO increases noise, although this will depend on the quality of the lens, so you can experiment. Lenses work in different ways and the ISO is set differently for each of them. However, a useful trick is to set a long shutter time to increase the ISO level without noise appearing in the image.

– HDR Fusion: If the light range of the site requires complex processing work for the lens, HDR fusion will help with post-processing. This feature takes multiple photos at different exposures and merges them together to achieve the most balanced image possible.

– Noise reduction: It consists of using the noise reduction function, you can find this in the Google Photos image editor or any other. However, use it carefully, do not use it where there is text, faces and details because it will soften the image excessively and ruin the result.

– Larger sensor: A lens with a larger sensor will help capture more light, which is ideal for not overexposing photos. In this case there is no other way than to buy an excellent high-end camera or know how to choose a mobile phone with a good camera.

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