How to avoid spam in Gmail

Junk email is one of the disadvantages of email, however the annoying spam avalanche it can be minimized, if not avoided, thanks to the tools that various platforms make available to their users, such as: B. Gmail, which has different ways to deal with it.

Gmail has tools to help you fight spam or unsolicited email

And besides the hassle of searching your inbox for unwanted email, some of them can hide away Malware or a virusSo it’s a security issue. Many of these emails are in response to massive spam campaigns that contain attractive offers to break our trust. Particular care should be taken with e-mails whose recipients are unknown and especially e-mails that have an attachment that never needs to be downloaded, executed or installed.

Like other email platforms, the popular Gmail has its own Spam filterbut unfortunately its operation is not 100% effective and it is convenient to be vigilant so that the user can identify and eliminate it himself if an email manages to bypass this barrier mark as spam so that Gmail learns and takes into account at the next opportunity.

The following steps differ depending on the device from which it is operated:

-Computer: Once Gmail is open, you need to select the unwanted email and access the menu that opens from the icon with the three vertical dots in the upper right part of the message. Select the “Block To” option with the name of the sender of the email. If someone whose e-mail is not spam is accidentally blocked, it is sufficient to follow the same route but enable the “Unblock for” option.

-Mobile device: This option works the same for the iOS and Android operating systems. Once the Gmail app is open, access the junk email and the menu that appears after pressing the button with the three vertical dots in the top right corner will open by selecting the “Block On” option with the name of the sender. As in the computer, this option can be deactivated in the same route with the «Unlock at» option.

On the other hand, a large part of spam is bulk email sent by platforms or services that may have a subscription to a newsletter or newsletter. To disable it, do the following:

-Computer: Access any of the emails that you want to block from being received. The option “Cancel subscription” or “Change settings” appears next to the sender address. In the event that it does not appear, it must be done like a single email (and not a subscription) using the method described above.

-Mobile device: The method is the same on both iOS and Android. In the e-mail from which you do not wish to receive any further broadcasts, you must select “Cancel subscription” or “Change settings” at the bottom and, as in the previous case, if this option is not displayed, you must log in as in an individual e-mail. Mail behave.

To help Gmail’s spam filter, it is highly recommended that you mark all unsolicited incoming emails as spam. This can be done in two ways:

-Computer: Check the box to the left of the message and select the “Report Spam” or “Report Spam” message displayed above.

-Mobile device: With the Gmail app open, open the message, hit the “More” menu that appears in the icon with three vertical dots in the top right corner and there the “Mark as Spam” option will be selected.

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