How to back up email in Gmail

Back up Gmail emails

Securing the email that Gmail receives and sends is extremely important always have access to them in case the system crashes or you fall victim to a cyber criminal.

You can make a backup of your email in Gmail and schedule an automatic backup to be saved on the desired or designated site

This way, you can always access your information, minimize the risk of data loss or avoid a bad time when you open your compartment and see it completely empty. To keep the information of all your email in Gmail, you need to Make a backup, much like on your Android device or WhatsApp, to keep your conversations safe. To protect all the messages you send, receive, and store in Gmail, all you need to do is:

-Open your Gmail account on your computer

– Enter the “Google Account” represented by a circle with your profile photo or the initial of your name in case you don’t know how to place a picture

Google Themes

– Select the “Manage Google Account” option once.

Gmail profile

-When you enter you will find a menu on the left with several options, Select “Data and Personalization”. This selection enables a very extensive new menu. So you’ll need to scroll down and look for the “Download, delete, or create a plan for the data” section. If it is difficult to find, activate your browser’s search engine and enter a keyword like “download”.

Data and personalization

-Click the “Download Data” button, which has a brief explanation stating that this option will allow you to access your data from another account or service.

-Then you’ll see a long list of services and data that Google stores in your accounts. You can make one general confirmation of everything or other services, but in this case we are only responsible for making a backup of the Gmail data. Select the Gmail Mail option by checking the side box. If you enter the “All mail data has been included” option, you can choose which folders to back up your mail.

Back up emails

– If you choose to only backup Gmail data, scroll to the bottom of the screen and click the “Next Step” button. The system will open another window and ask how you want to make this copy. Options available include Generate a download link or send it to another storage service you have.

Google backup

-Finally you have to Select frequency that you want to back up with, to keep the process up to date and to make sure that as much information is saved.

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