How to become a professional video game player

Playing video games

In recent years, the world of video games has increased notoriously in all aspects, not only in the number of platforms and consoles available to play, but also in terms of the wide range of games we find in the market, as well as in the number of players, events, fairs and competitions.

And as far as players are concerned, there has also been a boom in the professionalization of what until some time ago was just a hobby. More and more video game lovers go from playing at home to become true professionals in the sector, turning their passion into their job.

This process usually starts by attending gaming events such as Gamergy. Many also take advantage of their success in this type of competitions to become streamers, gaining a large number of followers and thus getting sponsors to continue investing as much time as possible in this new sector.

But how can one become a professional video game player? Here are some simple steps to follow to achieve it.

What are the steps to follow to become a professional video game player?

Find the motivation to play:

First of all, you have to find the reason why you want to be a professional video game player. It is true that there are many well-known young people in our country who have succeeded in this aspect, but it is not recommended to choose this type of profession simply for fame or money, without there being a greater motivation behind or a passion for this kind of world. Since in the long run, like any other type of work, given the effort and the hours involved, it can become tiring. That is why it is necessary to have clear intentions before trying to fulfill this dream.

Choose the game and the platform to play:

Once the decision to become a professional in the world of video games is clear, comes one of the most complicated parts of the process, the choice of the platform to use, as well as the game in which one wants to become an expert.

At present, as mentioned above, the variety is enormous. In this sense, it is recommended to make a preliminary screening and opt for one of the following two options: a game that is already consolidated and there is a large market in which to move or the opposite, a newer game, but that has good ratings from experts, i.e., it is a promising market.

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The best advice at this point in the process is to try different types of games until you find the one that best suits both the tastes of the person in question and his or her skills.

Join the gamer community:

As will be seen below, one of the keys to becoming a professional gamer, as in other fields of work, is to train a lot. But before this, it is advisable to get into the gamer world through a previous knowledge of the sector, which can be obtained by following profiles on different platforms of people who are dedicated to the same, as well as attending fairs and events related to this market, where to find inspiration and many good tips.

Getting the right equipment to play with:

As in any other work occupation, the tools with which you work are also key for everything to go correctly. In the field of video games it is essential to have good equipment, consisting of a good processor, a powerful graphics card, a good mouse, a mechanical keyboard and, of course, a screen that allows you to see the graphics of the game in high quality.

In addition, it is also recommended to have high quality external elements, such as gaming chairs that provide great comfort, taking into account the long hours that will have to be spent sitting, as well as a gaming headset capable of isolating noise.

Invest time in practicing with the selected game:

This may be one of the most important steps to take. As in any other job or sport, the hours spent practicing are key to becoming a professional.

It is recommended to establish a set routine for this, in order to make it easier to stick to it.

To move up a category in said game:

Once you have chosen the game, the platform and established the training routine, it is time to improve. To become a professional player it is necessary to position yourself among the best, not only in our country, but also in the world.

afdafFor this, it is necessary to climb up the ranking and improve the category. In this way, not only will you get to be among the best, thus opting for winning positions in competitions, but you will gain notoriety, something basic to be able to get sponsors, those responsible, with their investments, to support the professional work of a video game player.

Find a team to play with:

Although most video games can be played individually, there are professional teams with whom you can train and compete. Sharing work with other people specialized in the same video game can help you improve, as you can learn from each other, learning tricks, new tools, skills and perfecting your technique.

It is possible, if the notoriety mentioned above is achieved, for a good team to contact a player. But, in case this does not happen, it is also possible to opt for a team through a series of tests that they usually organize.

Compete and keep improving:

Competitions are the best way to learn and become more professional. This, in addition, will also help to achieve prestige and position yourself among the best in each category.

Moreover, it is the best way to get a perfect network of contacts, essential in any kind of work environment.

Follow the lifestyle of a professional:

Once you manage to reach the position of video game professional it is important not to get comfortable. Keep training and improving, as well as continuing to attend competitions and gaming events is essential, once you have created a name in this sector, not to lose it and get positioned among the best.

It is not a simple process, we are not going to fool ourselves, but when it is a passion and a dream, the work and effort will be fully rewarded once it is achieved.

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