How to block emails in Gmail easily

Block emails in Gmail from your cell phone

Gmail is a versatile email platform, which has very interesting features, some of which we have been explaining to you recently.

Emails from blocked senders will be sent to the spam folder.

For example, how you can set up default responses in emails, as well as how to solve problems with receiving and sending emails. It is also important that you know block emails in Gmailthis will put an end to unwanted messages, spam or scam attempts.

Here are all the details for you to block the mails you don’t want to see anymore without any problem. The only thing you have to do is to follow the indications to the letter, it will only take you a couple of minutes, it is very simple to achieve.

How to block emails in Gmail from your cell phone

– Open the Gmail app.

– Search for an email from the sender you want to remove from the inbox.

– Click on the three dots icon (right next to the sender’s information).

– Click on “Block”.

How to block emails in Gmail from your browser and computer

– Log in to Gmail.

– Use your login information.

– Open an email from the address you want to block.

– Click on the three dots in the upper right corner.

– Choose “Block.”

how to unblock a user?

– Log in to Gmail.

– Enable your session with your login details.

– Select the gear icon.

– Choose “View all settings”.

– Go to the “Filters and blocked addresses” tab.

– You will see a list of all the emails you have blocked. Click on the one you want to unblock and click on “Unblock”.

– Confirm again by clicking on “Unblock”.

Now you know how to block and unblock emails in Gmail. No matter what medium you use, as it is very simple both on the computer and on the mobile, there will be no problems.

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