How to buy and receive international shipments from Amazon

International shipping on Amazon

If you want to take advantage of deals from an Amazon store that’s not in your region-whether during Amazon Prime Day or at any other time-you may have wondered whether to Amazon ships internationally or not.

Before making your purchases you will be able to check if the product has international shipping or not.

The answer to this question is both complex and not. Amazon does ship internationally. However, there are a few things to keep in mind. This way you will be able to purchase all those products you have added to your Amazon wish list without much hassle. We explain:

Can you receive international shipments from Amazon?

Amazon international shipping is an alternative that can not only be beneficial for customers in countries that do not have a website of the retail giant specific to their country or region. It so happens that this is also a topic of interest for users from different parts of the world who wish to take advantage of the benefits of buying from the U.S. version.

Certainly, Amazon has the program. Amazon Globalwhich allows you to receive shipments from other countries as long as the product meets the eligibility rules. However, not all sellers are part of this program. In addition, some packages may have restrictions due to size, weight, content or customs regulations.

How to find out if you can receive international packages

On the other hand, shipping certain items internationally can be particularly expensive, or take longer than usual to reach their destination. Whatever the case, here are some ways to find out if you can receive international shipments:

– By entering your international address and setting it as the default, Amazon will show you in the search results if the product has international shipping.

– Add the item to the cart and proceed to checkout. If the product is eligible for international shipping, you will be able to view the shipping cost, restrictions and the time it will take to arrive.

– Check Amazon’s help section and look for information about Amazon Global terms of service.

– In the search filters you can add the parameter “International Shipping” or “Amazon Global” to get results that include only items that you can receive in your country.

– Ask the seller if they offer international shipping and what the terms of service are.

Finally, if none of the products you wish to purchase can be shipped outside their country of origin, you can also try hiring a logistics service. This is a more expensive option, but by using third-party services such as Shippn, Grabr or Shipito you will be able to receive your Amazon products quickly and safely.

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