How to buy antigen test reliably on the Internet

Antigen test

During the last weeks we are seeing how the arrival of the Christmas holidays are triggering the demand for antigen testing in pharmacies. There are many people who want to get a test before New Year’s Eve and before all the family gatherings that are still to celebrate, to stay calmer.

Buying antigen tests from online pharmacies is safe

However, increasing demand and the rising number of COVID-19 infections due to the omicron variant has meant that antigen tests have become a scarce commodity that is difficult to buy. Many pharmacies daily hang the sign “No antigen tests” and users resort to the Internet to collect them in many cases.

One has to wonder, however, if it is safe to buy antigen tests on the Internet. In many cases, they are purchased from online pharmacies -if they have stock left- and if they are recognized establishments, the purchase offers the same guarantees as if it is done on the street. However, there are also those who buy them in second-hand markets or on other types of websites that are not exactly dedicated to health issues.

So… what should be taken into account to know if an antigen test purchased on the Internet is reliable? In this article we will point out those aspects in which one should look at when checking the reliability of an antigen test and that it complies with current legislation…

According to the Spanish Agency of Medicines and Health Products (AEMPS)The antigen tests must comply with the requirements established in Directive 98/79/EC of 27 October on in vitro diagnostic medical devices and Royal Decree 1662/2000, of 29 September.

This implies that all antigen tests must have the CE symbol marked on their labelling or packaging. This ensures that it complies with both regulations.

You should also know that there are currently 23 antigen tests authorized in Spain, which can be purchased in pharmacies. The Spanish Agency of Medicines and Health Products publishes a list of all of them which is updated periodically. It also includes other tests that have been authorised on an exceptional basis to guarantee supply and which can be marketed and purchased without any doubts, as they have also been officially approved.

Another way to check that it is an antigen test with guarantees is to go to the search engine for medical devices of the European Unionwhich allows you to search by product serial number or by the name of the pharmaceutical company that markets the product. If it appears, then it is a safe test.

However, as a precaution, you should keep in mind that antigen tests are sold exclusively in pharmacies, so you should not purchase them on non-pharmacy websites or other ways to ensure that you are purchasing an approved product that complies with the law.

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