How to cancel sending an email in Gmail

Canceling mailings in Gmail

Google offers numerous customization options for its mail service Gmail, which this week released a redesign that is now mandatory for all users. But if you have reached this article, maybe it is not because you are looking for how to activate the new Gmail design, but because maybe you have sent an email that you should not have sent and you want to know how to cancel it. Is this possible?

If you made a mistake in your mail and sent it, you have the possibility to cancel the sending.

Gmail has thought about this problem and has a function to recover an email sent by mistake. Although you have to react quickly, it offers the possibility to correct the mistake. Here we will tell you what to do.

how to cancel sending an email in Gmail?

As the email is forwarded almost instantly, it is complex to prevent this from happening. So, in short, there is no way to delete a message that has arrived in the recipient’s mailbox.

The good news is that Gmail applies a delay of a few seconds before sending, which is extremely helpful. Thanks to this, you can stop sending without so many problems. This is a feature that has existed for many years and is enabled natively.

By default, you only have five seconds to prevent the mail from going out to its destination, it will be enough to click on the “Undo” button to cancel the game. Certainly, five seconds is very little time to react, but Gmail allows you to modify the delay time. You will have to do the following.

– Go to Gmail and log in to your account.

– Click the gear button in the upper right corner.

– Click on “View all settings.”

– In the general menu, look for the “Undo sending” option.

– Click on the drop-down field to set the cancellation time after sending. You can increase the waiting time up to a maximum of thirty seconds.

– Finally, select “Save changes” for the modification to take effect.

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