How to change and customize the inbox in Gmail

Gmail grouping contacts

Gmail makes available to its users a complete configuration of its user interface that allows to completely customize the look and feel of the Google email inbox. This includes not only the purely aesthetic appearance, which can be modified with themes, but also the organization of the email manager elements themselves.

Gmail settings allow to modify the appearance but also the organization of menus and icons

To carry out these changes you need to follow the steps below:

-Press on the gear icon at the top right.

-The side menu “Quick settings” which appears on the side already allows you to make some changes, such as the density with which emails are displayed (default, comfortable or compact), select the topics or the types of inbox depending on the relevance given to display important, unread or highlighted messages. It also allows you to set the type of reading pane (without division, displaying them to the right of the inbox or below it.

-With the “View all settings” option you access the full menu where you can customize different groups of settings (labels, received, accounts, filters, forwarding, plug-ins…).

-Enter the Inbox option.

-Select the desired tray type option: Default, Important first, Unread first, Featured first, Priority or Multiple Inboxes.

Gmail settings

Depending on the option chosen there will be subsequent specific configurations. The inbox types are quite descriptive of their nature and the features they offer. Each of them generates different sections in the e-mail inbox, classifying them according to their importance or priority. Depending on each one, different categories are offered that the user must check to apply to incoming mail.

Among the options that apply to each type of inbox is that of the number of incoming mails to be displayed (5, 10, 25 or 50 emails) and the sections that will compose the inbox from the previously listed types. In each section you can also customize the number of emails displayed or that the section remains hidden when empty.

Other configurable options are:

-Reading panel: Displays the email next to the conversation list so that you can read and write more quickly and comfortably, having context about what you are going to reply to.

-Importance markers: You can show or hide a marker next to messages that are marked as important based on Gmail’s analysis of how similar emails have been treated. This predictive option can be turned on or off.

-Mail filters: These can be enabled or disabled to include messages that may have been excluded by filters in the Inbox.

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