How to change or remove the password of an Apple Watch

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Either by having forgotten the password, either by wanting to strengthen it to provide it with greater security, or to completely reconfigure the Apple smartwatch, it may happen that the user of an Apple Watch wants to reset that password. The procedure for doing so is explained here.

The Apple Watch must always be paired with an iPhone, and the passcode can be reset from both devices

When the passcode is forgotten and the maximum number of attempts to enter the correct passcode is exceeded, the device must be reset. This could mean the complete loss of data stored on the Apple smartwatch but fortunately, the device is able to create a backup copy backup throughout the process.

Resetting the Apple Watch can be done either from the smartwatch itself or from an iPhone in the following ways. In the case of being done from the Apple Watch itself:

-Place the Apple Watch on its charger.

-Maintain press and hold the side button until the display indicates that the device is turned off.

-Hold pressed down on the Digital Crown until the “Clear all contents and settings” prompt appears.

-Press Reset and confirm.

-When this process has been completed the Apple Watch can now be paired with the iPhone again.

-During setupselect the “Restore from backup” option.

With this last step the data and settings prior to the entire reset process will have been recovered. Another possibility is to reset the Apple Watch from the iPhone to which it is paired. Follow these steps:

-Enter in the iPhone Watch application.

-Access from the path “My Apple Watch – General”.

-Activate the “Reset” option.

-Select “Delete Apple Watch contents and settings”.


-Enter the AppleID password.

-In case if the Apple Watch has a cellular connection, specify whether you want to keep or change the data plan.

-Re-pairing the Apple Watch.

-During the process, select the “Restore from backup” option.

How to change the Apple Watch password

Those two options completely reset the Apple Watch, because the user has forgotten the password of the Apple Watch, but it may happen that one wants to change the Apple Watch password. That is, change the password that is known for a different one. To do this the procedure to follow are very similar. On the Apple Watch you will have to access the Settings application and on the iPhone you will have to access the Watch app. From there the steps are as follows:

-Scroll to in the menu until you reach the “Password” option.

-Select “Change password”.

-Enter the current password.

-Enter the new password.

-Re-enter the new password.

This will have changed the old password to a new one.

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