How to change the default browser in Windows 11

Microsoft Windows 11

Those who update their PC operating system (OS) to the latest version, Windows 11, will have noticed how the default browser is Edge, so those who had been using any other browser should proceed, if they wish, to modify the OS settings to to be able to continue using the one of your choiceif it is different from the one provided by Microsoft. And it is not a simple task.

Microsoft Edge is the default browser used in Windows 11

First of all it should be noted that Windows 11 also resorts to the Edge browser to display some filesas can be PDF documents, as part of a strategy perhaps somewhat “aggressive” by Microsoft to impose its browser. And is that to start no longer appears the usual message when you first use a browser or when you click on a link to a web page in which the OS asks if you want to use by default any of the browsers installed on your computer. Windows 11 opens Edge directly without asking or giving alternative options.

The method of selecting another computer and setting it as the default in Windows 11 would be to access the menu “Settings-Applications-Default Applications”where you will find a list of available applications as well as a search engine to locate the browser of your choice, which must be previously installed on your computer. When you have located the browser you want to set to open by default, you will have to click on it, but this is only the first step.

In Windows 11 it is not enough to simply point out the preferred browser but it is necessary to mark what type of files will be opened with it, so that in the list that will appear at this point of the configuration where are shown the different types of files related to web browsing you will have to check one by one all the files you want to open from the new default browser: HTM, HTML, HTTP, HTTPS and even, if you wish, PDF.

Even at this point from Microsoft seem to want to discourage the user in this modification process, showing warning messages in which you will have to check the option “Change anyway” and “Continue using this application”.

However there are beginning to be some browsers, such as Firefox, which already include in the browser itself an option that allows, from the same, automate setting it as default browser for HTM, HTML, HTTP and HTTPS files, although for some others, commonly used on the Internet, Edge would continue to be configured in Windows 11 as default browser for PDF, SHTML, SVG, XHT and XHTML files.

And it’s not all over yet.

Despite having managed to get one other than Edge set up for Windows 11 as the default browser it still there will remain different Windows apps for which the preferred browser remains Edgeas in the case of Widgets. In this case you have to go back to the “Settings-Applications-Default applications” menu where you will need to look for the option “Choose default options according to link type” and type “Edge”, which will show the other Internet browsers installed on the computer that can be used to open the links, although for the moment, and although they are correctly installed on the computer, Chrome or Firefox browsers will not appear as available, although others such as Brave will appear as available.

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