How to change the look of notifications in Miui

If you know the Miui customization layer, you will know that there is not a day where it does not surprise you. On this occasion, we are going to show you how to change the design of notifications we receive on our phone.

Change the appearance of notifications on Xiaomi

Miui gives you the option to customize a variety of options on your Xiaomi , Redmi or Poco phone. From the loading animationto include more applications on your desktopto completely change the xiaomi control center.

But this time we’re going to show you how to modify in an easy and fast way the notifications so you can decide which one you like best.

Change the style of notifications in Miui 12

notifications in miui

  • To do this we just have to go to the settings
  • Then we scroll down to the option that says Notifications and Control Center
  • Inside you will find the option that says “Notification bar“, we give it

notification bar

  • Now you only have to choose between Miui or Android

Depending on the option you have chosen, this is how notifications will look like on your phone from now on. which one do you like the most? Notifications android typeor notifications type Miui.

android type notifications

Modifying the effect of notifications in Miui

Not only can we modify the notifications window in Miui, from the previous option of “notifications effect“you can also choose that effect type you want your phone to perform when you get a notification.

From the typical one, which the screen lights upto the rhythm effect, stars or of keystrokes.

effect of notifications

Remember that these changes in the notifications are only aestheticso it does not affect the notifications that may fail.

  • What you do have to take into account is for example, if you decide to add an effect to the notifications, and you receive a lot of them, the battery could be affected in the duration of the day.
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