How to change the name of a wifi network

Change name Password Wifi network

If you have a WiFi or wireless network in your home, you can connect to the internet from any smart device without having to connect a cable, as the signal goes through a router that acts as a gateway to the Home network is functioning.

Changing the name and password of a Wi-Fi network provides more security when connecting wireless devices

When a router is purchased and installed, or one is received by the operator who hired the Internet service, most users leave their default configuration with the password and network name Wi-Fi as it comes from the factory instead of customizing what It also makes it easier for other people to connect to this network.

If you’ve configured this information previously, here’s how you can change it to make your network more difficult for strangers or hackers to access and prevent your WiFi from being stolen:

-The first thing is to enter the website of the manufacturer or administrator of the router. This information is displayed in the field in which the device was identified by the domain name of a website or by an IP address made up of a series of numbers.

-If you can find this web address, enter it in a browser. The system will ask you for an administrator username and password, which are usually included in the router’s instructions.

-The interface can vary from computer to computer. However, you should look for the option to configure the name of the wireless network, also known as the SSID or Service Set Identifier.

– If you are looking for this parameter, you will be able to configure it with the name you want so that you can remember it and identify it in the list of Wi-Fi networks discovered by the device you want to connect to.

– In the same section or in a different call, e.g. For example, “Security” or “Privacy” will change the password. There you can enter the field and delete the current one to place a new one.

– Finally, make sure the connection type is WPA2. This is a wireless network protection system provided by routers that is used to correct errors in previous systems in the new Internet connection standard 8002.11i.

How to choose a good name for your wifi network

It is not strongly recommended to give a Wi-Fi network name or password lightly. Next, we’ll give you some tips on how to better configure your router:

There are users who choose unrecognizable names and there are also users who choose funny names for their Wi-Fi network. In general, it is not bad as long as this identifier does not reveal any personal information of the user such as the floor of the residence or the number of the house.

If it is a commercial or commercial building, the name or acronym of the place can be used so that customers can quickly identify it. What should not be used are generic names or names that represent public access as people might think it is an open network and if they try to enter they will collapse the router as it has to handle every request regardless of whether they are successful or unsuccessful in identifying them.

There are a number of recommendations to follow when choosing the password for your WiFi network, such as: B. those explained in the following article.

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