How to change the navigation arrow in Google Maps

Customize Google Maps route

Google Maps has had one limitation for years: the small adjustment of the tool. However, Google is launching a novelty that will allow users to change the style of the navigation system and change the traditional arrow for a range of car models that can be selected.

Google Maps allows you to choose three different car models to guide users

Previously, this arrow has been corrected to allow users to know the route to follow. To change it for a car model of your choice, do the following:

-The first thing to do is open Google Maps and check that your version is the latest. Version 10.52.2 must be present on Android (you can check it in the Google Play Store and update if necessary).

-When you have this latest update, you need to start a scouting route by clicking the Go button.

– Then provide two directions so that Google Maps can follow the origin and destination route. Once that’s done the system will display the total distance and the approximate time it can take from one end to the other.

-The button «Start» appears in the lower part of the screen, which must be pressed in order to switch to the navigation mode

-To change the traditional blue arrow for a car, all you have to do is go to the screen and press it so that at the bottom there is a menu of three different Cochs models that can be selected to replace the blue arrow on Navigation

Vehicle selection Google Maps

This customization option in Google Maps is only available for route guides with a car or bicycle. However, it is a huge step forward in allowing users to style their navigation in their own way, which was sometimes allowed temporarily. For example, Mario Kart 2018 could be used on navigation routes for seven days.

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