How to change the refresh rate on phone displays [60/90/120/144Hz]

Miui is a personalization layer that offers us the possibility to do countless thingseven so, there are certain options and things that it does not yet have, or that could be improvedsuch as changing the refresh rate of your phone with more options.

miui refresh rate

Modify the refresh rate in Miui to the value you prefer

In this tutorial we will show you how to modify the HZ of the screen on your Xiaomi, Redmi or Poco phone, although it is compatible with all Android phones on the market.

In case you still do not know, the “war” for the HZ or refresh rate of the screen, has been going on for a few years just as it has happened with the Mpx of the cameras. In each new model, whatever brand it is, the increase in refresh rate plays a major role in sales.

is it possible to modify the HZ of our mobile screen?

Yet, for our day-to-day life we may not need such a large screen refresh (unless we like to play games for example) since this implies a increased battery wear and tear. That is why Xiaomi has several default options to calibrate the HZ of your display.

As a general rule and depending on your phone modelyou can usually switch from the phone settings between 60hz / 90hz / 120hz and 144 Hz. The problem is that this is not always the case, and it does not allow you to choose some of these values, so we bring you the following tutorial, so that you can modify the HZ with new values.

how to change the refresh rate on Xiaomi or Redmi by default?

change hz xiaomi

To change the HZ of your phone’s display, you have to go to the Settings/Display/Display/Refresh rate. There you will find the default options that Miui lets you modify and that you can change with a single click, in this case 60Hz or 120Hz.

miui refresh rate

how to set a 90Hz refresh rate in Miui?

Now, if what you want to do is for example to put 90Hzan in-between thing, which will make your battery last longer and that the refresh rate per second is goodwhat we have to do is the following.

We open the Set Edit application and we go down to the end of the options that it shows us and locate the one that says “user_refresh_rate“and click and then click where it says “Edit Value“and there we put for example 90, as it is our case and ready, we would already have by default set the 90Hz of refresh rate.

set edit refresh rate

  • Attention: Obviously, you can’t set more refresh rate than your phone supports.

how do I know at what screen rate I have my phone?

You may wonder, if you have changed the above value well, or else you may not trust what other apps to see the refresh rate tell you.

  • That’s why Miui has its own setting for see the HZ display without installing any external application and very easy to locate.

We’ll just have to go to the developer options and look for the option that says “Show update frequency“and activate it. You will immediately see the HZ value on your screen.

show xiaomi refresh rate

I have a phone that does not support 90Hz display frequency

Yes, it’s quite normal that you don’t have that rate and it goes from 60hz to 120hz directly, as is the case with the Poco F3, X3, Mi 11X, Mi 11i, Redmi Note 10 Pro, etc.. It’s no defect, no problem, just follow this tutorial and you can adapt your refresh rate to your needs.

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