How to change the side panel in the new Gmail

Gmail redesign is official

Google has changed the look and design of its interface accessible from web browser, as announced last June. It is a remodeling that some users will have discovered automatically and others will have to activate through the settings menu.

The new look of the Gmail web interface can be changed for those who prefer the old design

It may also happen that those who have tried the new look do not find it to their liking and prefer to return to the old look, something that can also be achieved through the Gmail Settings, the gear-shaped icon located at the top right of the web page, where you will select “Back to the original view“.

For the case that still the new design has not yet been activated automatically of the interface will be as simple as accessing that same settings menu and selecting the option “Test the new Gmail view”.

It is not an overly groundbreaking change but rather a slight change in the color pattern and small details of a more softened design in which perhaps the biggest change is in the left side panel. A panel that collects the main sections of email management (received, postponed, sent, drafts, spam, trash…). This is a side panel that can be collapsed to show only the logos of these sections, giving more space for the mail list.

The method to achieve this contraction of the side menu is extremely simple just click on the icon with three parallel lines located at the top left of the web interface, right next to the Gmail logo.

The novelty has also come to the inclusion of an additional panel on the left where links to other applications in the Google environment will appear Mail, Chat, Spaces and Meet. This is an option whose display can also be activated or deactivated, and you can also choose which of these applications will be included in the menu.

To do this, you must go to the “Settings – Customize” path, where you can check or uncheck those that you wish to incorporate or remove from the second block of the left side panel of the new Gmail. When the selection is complete, simply confirm the action by clicking on the “Done” button and refreshing the web page.

As with the previous menu, it will be enough to click on the icon with the three parallel lines at the top left to display the icons or display the description of the various sections.

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